More great news from the world of literature This time, we would like to boast that the book “Punkt Zerowy” published by Workshops of Culture has been shortlisted for Ryszard Kapuściński Award! 

The award is granted  for literary reportages that discuss important current issues, provoke reflection and broaden our knowledge of other cultures. 

The winner of the 11th edition of Ryszard Kapuściński Award will be announced in May.

About the book: “Punkt zerowy” (Point Zero)  is an incredibly honest and impartial account of the war in eastern Ukraine. It shows humour and detachment to itself and everything around. It is a book about war without pathos and heroism. Instead, it has shrewd, balanced and unpretentious descriptions of the realities of war, and changes in the narrator’s consciousness. Point zero is the first front line, but also a state of a total reset of consciousness – getting rid of thoughts, feelings, desires, dependencies and illusions.  This is the Polish  translation of the collection of autobiographical essays published in Ukraine in 2017. The book received the “LitAccent of the Year” Award in 2017 in the category “Essays and reportages” and it was nominated for the Angelus Award 2020. 

Artem Czech (real name Artem Czerednyk, b.1985 in Cherkasy) – Ukrainian writer, a sociologist by education.  Between May 2016 and July 2016 he served as a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Punkt Zerowy and other titles published in  Polish the series Wschodni Express can be purchased in our online store.