Carnaval Sztukmistrzów

The essence of Carnaval is FUN. Fun has always been accompanied by ludic art. And we use its new manifestations – new circus and busking – to open a time of shared celebration.

CARNAVAL is a time when everyday laws are suspended and the entire customary social and cultural order is turned upside down. Just as a juggler (or performer) is synonymous with an outsider, a freak and an outcast, Carnaval is synonymous with celebration, the abolition of laws, duties, and norms.

Carnaval is a time of destruction, chaos, death, but also of restoration, revival, and birth; it is the time of fools, artists and jugglers. Carnaval is the celebration of life itself. It is the essence of life, its most important sign.

Explosive new circus acts fill the tents, showing a world where theatre, juggling, dancing, and music become one art form, without borders or divisions. Street performers and their entourage keep things exciting in the streets, making people cower in fear or laugh at our everyday, shackled reality. There is laughter and horror, a touch of sentimentality but also intellectual discomfort. The sky is once again ruled not by angels or doves, but by highliners whose skills and boldness outshine the sun.
Let Carnaval begin!!!

end of July

Where: Old Town and Błonia near the Castle

Admission: most events are free, some require tickets

More information: Carnaval Sztukmistrzów


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