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In October, Different Sounds Zone presents two concerts: 

Voices of the Cosmos

Voices Of The Cosmos is a project created by two sound artists: Rafał Iwański (known for HATI, Kapital and Innercity Ensemble and the solo project X- NAVI: ET) and Wojciech Zięba, who runs the label Beast of Prey and performs solo as ELECTRIC URANUS. They have collaborated with Sebastian Soberski, an astronomer at the Toruń Centre for Astronomy at Nicolas Copernicus University and the director of the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium in Grudziądz. The sound experts of the project are experienced in electroacoustic music.

Voices of the Cosmos contains original signals and sounds from space recorded by radio telescopes. These sounds include pulsars, magnetospheres surrounding planets, the Sun, auroras, archival recordings of space missions, and other cosmic sounds. The instrumental music composed to the rhythms and tones of the cosmic sounds is rich. It is created with electronic instruments (both digital and analogue) and various acoustic objects. It is a project unique in Europe and even the world. Among other things, it uses original space recordings from Toruń’s 32-metre radio telescope. The albums “Voices of the Cosmos” (2011), Voices of the Cosmos II” (2013) and Voices of the Cosmos III” (2019) were enthusiastically received by the audience. They received enthusiastic reviews in the Polish and foreign press. The project has also been recognised and supported by the scientific community (Nicolas Copernicus University, Polish Astronomical Society).

When: Thursday, 14 October 2021, 19.00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – auditorium
Free admission

Oxford Drama

Oxford Drama are an experimental- pop band from Wrocław who will be coming to Lublin as part of a concert tour to promote their latest, third album “What’s The Deal With Time?”. The album has been very well received both in Poland and abroad, and one of the first radio stations to broadcast the single Not my friend was the American station KCRW. The song was also featured on the show hosted by Henry Rollins from the iconic band Black Flag. It also wowed the listeners of another major American radio station – KEXP. The band’s second single, San Junipero, stole the heart of BBC Radio 6’s Steve Lamacq. Polish music journalists were not far behind. Bartek Chaciński from Polityka” noted the original combination: a duo of Polish origin whose music is firmly rooted in foreign sounds.

Jarek Szubrycht wrote in “Gazeta Wyborcza” about the delightful mix of simplicity and sophistication of the songs on the new album. Agnieszka Szydłowska and Piotr Metz also expressed their appreciation. The duo has performed songs from “What’s the deal with time” at summer festivals such as Open’er Park, Soundrive, Salt Wave or AlterFest. They were also enthusiastically received by the audience of the Vienna Waves Festival.

As the musicians admit, the most important thing is the harmony with the sound (language, instruments, style) that best defines them and the freedom they get from each other without trying to imitate or meet anyone’s expectations. They say they write songs they would love to hear on the radio. Although their inspirations still revolve around the work of Kevin Parker and Brian Wilson, the passing years, accumulated experiences and travels have subtly shaped the sound of “What’s the deal with time?”. The rich sound of this music has been enriched with lyrics of the highest quality.



Małgorzata Dryjańska – voal, guitar

Marcin Mrówka – guitar

Anna Pašić – keyboard, backing vocals

Jakub Kutera – bass

Jarosław Zagrodny – percussion

When: Friday, 15.10.2021, 20.00

Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – auditorium

Free admission