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The magazine strives to build bridges of understanding and cooperation particularly with Poland’s eastern neighbours, gathers people who care about the quality of information, discussion and such fundamental matters as accurate information and deeper reflection on contemporary tradition and culture.

The magazine has been published since July 2008. New issues appear irregularly. It focuses on the exchange of ideas about culture and society. It gives special attention to events and developments in Poland’s eastern neighbours. It includes such categories as: the eastern section, essay, opinion columns, reportages or interviews and translations and fragments of new books and publications. The magazine is published by the municipal cultural institution–Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

 In our irregularly published online magazine kulturaenter.pl we strive to talk about our surrounding reality. We are interested in contemporary art, traditional culture, design, society, history, media and politics. We write about the most urgent and universal issues. We invite to cooperation influential personalities and promising publicists. We pay special attention to events taking place in the countries of our eastern neighbours and invite various communities, intellectuals from Central East-Europe to have their say.

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