Kolarz ze zdjęć reklamujących wszystkie cztery festiwale.

Are you aware that “enjoying life and prioritising relaxation” have made it to the list of top 10 New Year’s resolutions for Poles in 2024?  Is this resolution also on your list? If this is the case, we have four specific recommendations for accomplishing it.

Save these dates now:

  • June 1/2, 2024 | Night of Culture
  • June 27-30, 2024 | East of Culture – Different Sounds
  • July 25-28, 2024 | Carnaval Sztukmistrzów
  • August 23-25, 2024 | Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair 

These events are the perfect opportunity to kick back and have some fun. Experience them all for free in Lublin’s charming Old Town and allow their energy to sweep you off your feet.

Lublin’s Night of Culture is a festival of light installations and shows in the city. The programme consists of hundreds of cultural events, most of which move outside concert halls, art galleries and museums into the gates, squares and streets of the Old Town.

Night of Culture is a festival of endless surprises. Extraordinary things happen. At a past festival, a colossal lantern in the shape of a snake loomed over the Old Town, ready to devour anyone in its path. On a different occasion, one of the streets was transported to the 1930s. One thing is certain – there’s always a lot going on – says Joanna Wawiórka-Kamieniecka, the festival’s director.

East of Culture – Different Sounds brings together the most intriguing musical sensations that blend various genres, traditions, and cultural influences. It presents innovative and one-of-a-kind music that pushes boundaries and offers a chance to hear world-renowned artists and emerging talents in Lublin.

In the words of Agnieszka Wojciechowska and Rafał Chwała the festival’s directors:

 There’s more to Different Sounds than just music. The festival’s rich and varied programme covers a wide range of topics, there’s something for everyone, including fans of Eastern European cinema. Year after year, our Wschodni Express series is proud to present the finest works of Eastern European writers to Polish readers.  Contemporary art is also widely represented through poster and photography exhibitions. Young people can participate in “Little Different Sounds”, a series of exciting educational workshops designed just for them.

Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is a festival that features performances by world-class circus stars, including street shows, theatre and circus acts, workshops, and fire shows. During the event, renowned international groups and troupes present the art of new circus.

 It’s the most performatively diverse festival in the country, a unique and inspiring bazaar of the arts. Lublin’s Carnaval offers the best of contemporary circus, clowning, acrobatics, and busking from around the world. An integral part of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is Urban Highline Festival, known as the world’s largest and oldest highline event – adds Iwona Kornet, Carnaval’s director.

Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair Festival is Poland’s largest festival of traditional culture. Over three festival days and nights, Lublin comes alive with traditional music, dance and craftsmanship. The festival’s programme invites visitors to see, hear, listen, touch and fully engage with traditional culture, which completely fills the streets of the Old Town with vibrant energy throughout the event.

Karolina Waszczuk, the festival’s director cordially invites you to experience the event:
One of the key component of Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair Festival is music presented both in its pure, original form and through the interpretation of contemporary artists. Joining the festival offers a window into the distinct design and craftsmanship traditions of Poland and other Central and East European regions.

The full schedule for each event will be posted on the festival websites as the dates approach. In the meantime, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere by browsing photos and viewing videos from past editions, gearing up for the exciting 2024 edition