Masterklasy is an educational project which every year touches on and develops different topics related to traditional culture. In 2017, we focused on traditional singing and teaching it outside institutionalised education, while in 2019 we directed our attention to folk artists and competences they need to function in contemporary markets.


A dozen or so years of liaising with the community of traditional and folk artists taking part in The Jagiellonian Fair encourages us to raise topics related to various aspects of traditional culture.

The first edition allowed enthusiasts of folk music to get acquainted with various singing traditions and to get in touch with distinguished teachers. The workshops were complemented by presentations and concerts as well as a debate that produced a publication on the situation of traditional singing and its teaching.

In 2019, the project focused on topics related to traditional artisans. A series of workshops addressed to folk artists aimed at equipping them with skills and competences useful for independent and effective functioning in today’s reality. A survey of the professional needs of the artisans had preceded the workshops. The projected ended with a panel and a debate on the functioning of the community of folk artists and the directions of its development.

WHERE: Workshops of Culture in Lublin–Grodzka 5a and 7

WHEN: autumn/winter

ADMISSION: free, registration is required.



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