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As the year draws to a close, Miasto Movie invites viewers on a cinematic journey into the world of nature. In the thirtieth instalment of our film series, we take a temporary leave of the big metropolises and look at films set away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. High mountain peaks, seas and oceans, forests or deserts – any kind of landscape can become an inspiration for a filmmaker. We will make sure that both fans of narrative films and documentaries get their money’s worth. We will present intimate portraits of nature and sensational productions, including genre films in which natural phenomena are either backgrounds or the main focus.

All films are screened in original audio with Polish subtitles.

December programme: 

  • 1 December 2021, 19.00 Midsommar, dir. Ari Aster, runtime:147′, 2020.
  • 8 December 2021, 19.00 Moonrise Kingdom, dir. Wes Anderson, runtime 94′, 2012
  • 15 December 2021, 19.00 The Beach dir. Danny Boyle, runtime 119′, 2000


Miasto Movie

We give our city a voice. We invite you to a series of film screenings where the city is both the background and the protagonist. It is a place to live, a setting to the stories told, and a quiet witness to personal tales. It is also a lively site  filled with the cinematic hustle and bustle. The city in our films is a place where human problems and dramas fuse with great expectations, dreams and triumphs.

In our series, the city communicates with us through various means – imagery, sounds, storytelling, through the cinematic languages of Terry Gilliam, Federico Fellini, Jim Jarmusch, or Wong Kar Wai. We also see its many faces. It can be beautiful, terrifying, joyful, melancholy, but it’s always interesting and tells its own story. The films in this series are arranged in themes that present different places connected with the innerworkings of cities and their residents. The screenings are accompanied by lectures and discussions.

Curators: Agnieszka Wojciechowska, Rafał Chwała, Ewa Orzeszko

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