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Miasto Movie /// The city of women

a series of film screenings at Workshops of Culture

Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio

Free admission, the number of places is limited 

Registration: Online Form

When: Every Wednesday, 21.00

Theme #28 /// The City of Women
Spring in Miasto movie was supposed to belong to women. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic that brutally thwarted everyone’s plans, including those of cinemagoers, we were forced to pause our screenings. Today, as we approach summer, we want to return with titles planned for March and April and present The City of Women movies at outdoor screenings in our atmospheric patio at Grodzka 7

We can look forward to several films with women on both sides of the camera as we will look at the most interesting directors in the history of cinema, and outstanding actresses and their memorable roles. We will show contemporary heroines, and those from past eras. We will delve into the cinematic world of subtle, personal stories and great historical narratives, moments when women changed the order and course of the world. Today’s cinema, with over one hundred and twenty years behind it, would seem to be a fully mature medium, equal all sexes and skin colours, focused only on artistic values. Even though over the years they have overcome many barriers and borders, it is impossible to get the impression that female artists still face many difficulties, especially in the male-dominated Hollywood. The films in our series offer a splendid opportunity to see a wide and diverse panorama of women’s cinema.

Original audio, Polish subtitles.

July Listings: 

1 July 2020, 21.00 –Fantastic woman, dir. Sebastian Lelio, runtime 104‘, 2017

8 July 2020, 21.00 – Byzantium, dir. Neil Jordan, runtime 118’, 2012

15 July 2020, 21.00 – Young adult, dir. Jason Reitman, runtime 94’, 2011

22 July 2020, 21.00 – Detroit, dir. Kathryn Bigelow, runtime 143’, 2017

29 July 2020, 21.00 – Faces places, dir. Agnes Varda, JR, runtime 89’, 2017