Zdjęcie z Carnavalu Sztukmistrzów 2019. Artystka ubrana w krókie spodenki na szelkach przyklęknęła na jedno kolano. W rękach trzyma czerwony balon w kształcie serca. Obok niej stoi mężczyzna, śmieje się. Przy mężczyźnie widoczny rekwizyt - monocykl

6/7 June 2020 is a date for which many Lubliners, artists, culture animators and friends of our city waited. It was the date of Night of Culture. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the festival has been postponed until autumn. But it’s no time to be sad! There are dozens of reasons to be happy!

Night of Culture lights up the entire city for one night. Light installations arelocated in many alleys and unevident places offer many surprises as visitors discover the festival’s attractions – keyholes, forgotten gates and roofs of old buildings. We know that on 6/7 June it will not be possible to hang impressive fish or balloons with tiny passengers around the city. A light alphabet will not be coming out of windows, we will not see lanterns made of dresses. However, we can still make Lublin beautiful for this one night. It’s enough to decorate our own balconies, window ledges and windows with light decorations.

Take part in the contest “Night of Balconies”. There are prizes too! There are two prizes to be won, 1000 pln each – one will be awarded by the contest’s jury and one by the audience.

How to take part?

  1. On 6/7 June 2020 arrange your balcony, window ledge or window in a Night of Culture style using decorations that include a source of light. They can be Christmas lights, candles, lanterns. Perhaps you can set up a laser show? Who knows what your creativity and imagination will allow you to do! We are waiting for bold and crazy arrangements.

  2. Take a photo that will allow Night of Culture jury and the audience on the festival’s Facebook event to evaluate the effects of your work.

  3. Publish the photo on the event’s Facebook page on 6 June at 19.00. Don’t forget to add in which part of Lublin the photo has been taken. Remember, you have time until 2.00 am on 7 June.

Contest resolution and awards

  1. There are two prizes to be won – jury and audience awards, each worth 1000 pln.

  2. The audience on Facebook will vote using reactions – likes and hearts will be counted.

  3. The Jury will evaluate the creativity and inventiveness of your light installation.

  4. The decision will be made no later than 15 June 2020.

Good luck and see you at 14th edition of Night of Culture this autumn!