Night of Culture (4/5 June) starts very soon! Visitors can look forward to many fantastic surprises. You can’t see everything – after all, the event lasts only one night. So it’s a good idea to get ready and plan your evening. check out our recommended events, the must-sees of the night. 

19.00-23.00 Aerial dancing | Dominikański Square
Join us in the world of acrobatics! Aerial dancing is a spectacular form of expression. The performers will display incredible equilibrium, control and flow of movement. The programme includes solo and group acts.
Artists: Sztukmistrze Foundation, Strefa Wysokich Lotów.

19.00-00.00 Night of Culture on the rooftop of VIVO! Shopping centre | Al. Unii Lubelskiej 2
Visitors will have the chance to admire the ice sculptures of world-class artists from Ice Team, who will use electric saws and other tools to sculpt giant blocks of ice right before their very eyes. The design was inspired by the architecture of Lublin’s Old Town so we can look forward to seeing a Krakowska Gate made of ice take shape on the terrace. The event will be accompanied by ice sculpting workshops for families and a presentation of artistic roller skating.
Artists: Ice Team & Benek Byrski, As Lublin.

19.30-00.00 Jazz in the City | Litewski Square
Jazz and classical music played with a lot of freedom of interpretation and arrangement, as well as a tendency for improvisation, will fill the venues of Night of Culture. Mariusz Bogdanowicz, a double bass player, publisher, and music producer, is the artistic curator in charge of the music stage’s programming, as well as jazz performances and concerts in Litewski Square. Jazz will take over the city, so tune in and make sure to visit unexpected places.

Artists: Mariusz Bogdanowicz, Adam Jarzmik, Michał Iwanek, Adam Wendt, Sebastian Kuchczyński, Piotr Schmidt, Michał Lewartowicz, Marcelina Gawron, students of Jazz and Popular Music.

19.00-02.00 Night of Culture at Workshops of Culture
Grodzka 7
When you visit the patio of Workshops of Culture, you will be mesmerised by „Flowers from Hell,” a ceramic installation inspired by Dante’s „Divine Comedy” and created by members of the ceramic club at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University’s Faculty of Arts. Krystyna Czubówna’s voice will narrate the presentation of the exhibit. Then on the ground floor corridor among an exhibit of Night of Culture posters curated by Iga Pałka, is a showcase of works by two Ukrainian artists, Yilia Hryhoryeva and Olha Chykalo, touching on issues of identity, memory, and feelings generated by the war in Ukraine, with a key focus on the woman and her situation.

19.00-02.00 Botanical stained glasses | Domikańska st.
The project is based on the founding of the Saxon Garden in Lublin in 1837. The botanical plants used in the establishment of the garden will be encased in glass, resulting in an installation seamlessly blending into the cityscape. The colourful rosettes are brought up to the viewers’ eye level, enticing them to stop and take a closer look.

Artist: Jagoda Zyszkowska.

19.00-02.00 Mural | Rybny Square
The mural is the work of Marcin Wrzal, a participant in Galeria Labirynt’s Study of Art Knowledge and the 2017 recipient of a fellowship for those involved in artistic production, popularisation of culture, and monument preservation. The artist’s views and experiences are represented in black, white and, shades of grey taking on a symbolic design that alludes to cubism.

19.00-02.00 Paradise Lost I | corner of Archidiakońska
and Złota streets
Flocks of mobile, wind-powered, symbolic and colourful birds of paradise line the street. They have been made by creative students from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University’s Faculty of Arts, under the guidance of Jarosław Koziara.

19.00-02.00 Paradise Lost II | po Farze Square
Have a taste of Paradise Lost in the Old Town, where we can see
a giant snake and the tree of good and evil. The first people are exiled from Paradise in Milton’s poem. The poet emphasises, however, that Fate does not desert people and remains their guide. Time will tell how true and literal the installation’s creator’s metaphor is.

Artist: Jarosław Koziara.

19.00-02.00 Night at the Brewery | Perła – Lublin Breweries S.A., Bernardyńska 15
Night at the Brewery consists of art installations, including Agata Zwierzyńska’s “Perła’s Ribbons” into which visitors will be able to enter and plunge through a tremendous number of ribbons. This green jungle will undoubtedly become a popular attraction for group pictures. Another installation you can see is Spring the Brewery by Jarosław Koziara. Kino Perła, Perła’s cinema, will feature screenings of the film “Glass Negatives”. Additionally, it will be possible to tour the historic brewhouse and the underground (registration required). This year, the Perła venue once again serves as Night of Culture’s official food zone. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and recharge after all the Night of Culture strolls, a place where you can satisfy your hunger with a variety of food truck menus.

19.00-02.00 Little Glass houses – installation | Grodzka 7 – by the post office
The metaphor of glass houses comes from Stefan Żeromski’s novel “Przedwiośnie” (“The Spring to Come”), and the little glass houses are an artistic rendition of a fairytale town above which colourful glass birds flit about.

Artist: Karolina Karpińska

22.00-01.00 Video mappings | The Palace of the Czartoryski Family, Litewski Square
The stunning façade of the Palace of the Czartoryski Family in Litewski Square will once more transform into a colourful space. Using animation as a free interpretation of applied art, see how architecture changes even the most fantastic dreams into reality all thanks to the effort of graphic arts students at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University’s Institute of Fine Arts.

22.00-02.00 Animated frames – a projection | gates at Złota 1 and Złota 5
Appreciate the allure of ancient, noble photographs. This time, we can enter them. On one screen is a photo by Edward Hartwig courtesy of Ewa Hartwig-Fijakowska, and on the other, thanks to computer animation, observe how Roman Krawczenko’s photos come to life.

Artists: Bartek Polak, Roman Krawczenko,
Edward Hartwig (1909-2003)

For the 16th time, the streets of Lublin’s Old Town will become the most extraordinary corners of Europe. Anything can happen on the night of 4/ 5 June!  Together we will marvel at Lublin as an unusually atmospheric city, which for those few hours will transform into a paradise for all lovers of art and good fun. The gates will once again become luminous installations, squares will turn into music stages, and the streets of the Old Town will delight even their most regular visitors.

Full programme here: >>>PROGRAMME<<<

Night of Culture | 4/5 June 2022 | Old Town, Lublin | Admission Free

The festival is organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin with the support of the City of Lublin/

The Mayor of Lublin, Mr Krzysztof Żuk, has assumed honorary patronage.

Media patronage: TVP 2, TVP Kultura, TVP3 Lublin, Polskie Radio Lublin, Gazeta Wyborcza
Sponsors: VIVO! Lublin, Perła – Lublin Breweries S.A.

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