We are starting July with several new installations. The festival’s programme expands to include huge glass eyes – Aye at Perła offering a nod towards Night of Culture’s sponsor of many years- Perła – Lublin Breweries S.A. We will also see Lilliputian houses and mirror mosaics, while one yard will transform into a magical space filled with over a thousand balloons. We will also see the exhibition of colourful paintings by the 18-year0old Ola Leśnik.

This year’s long-awaited Night of Culture takes place between 4 June and 21 July. This special edition will last several weeks and take the form of strolls in search of installations hidden around Lublin’s Old Town.

The reasons are clear. Workshops of Culture want to ensure the safety of visitors by extending the display of installations beyond one night. While wandering around the streets and back alleys, and going through gates in the Old Town, we will look for magic and beauty. The installations will change every week. We will show you objects that couldn’t appear last year, and reveal brand-new pieces. We will soon present the complete programme at nockultury.pl

This year’s theme is Might of Culture. Might is potent and powerful. The word can also mean forceful spiritual energy. Motivating and rallying others to combine their strength and work together. We’re stronger when we’re together. Might is in the people! We want to invite everyone to rediscover Lublin and continue to treat it tenderly. As it is your presence that inspires and drives our activities.

Might of Culture be with you!

What’s new?

The yard of a thousand balloons (1-21.07, Gate, Grodzka 3)

Follow us into a charming courtyard and see it transformed into a wonderland, all thanks to 1500 colourful glass balloons. Authors: Agata Zwierzyńska / Workshops of Culture

Aye at Perła (1-07.07, 19.00-24.00, Bernardyńska 15)

This year’s Night at Perła Brewery features an art installation dedicated to the festival’s partner of many years – Perła Lublin Breweries S.A. The installation Aye at Perła, made by Karolina Karpińska, consists of 30 large-scale glass eyes. Imagine huge, transparent eyes like from a dream and add atmospheric lights.

The installations will be available at Bernardyńska 15 between 1 July – 7 July, from 19.00-24.00.

Moreover, between 2-4 July, Perła Breweries invite you to tour the underground

(registration) and the historic brewery (no registration, every day from 18.00 and 20.30)

In a distorting mirror (1-14.07, The Hartwig Alley)

Items of everyday use covered with mosaic mirror pieces will cast a completely new light on one of the most charming corners of Lublin’s Old Town. Authors: Workshops of Culture

European Hamster (1-21.07, Błonia)

The European hamster used to inhabit the entire territory of Poland. Farmers fought it because it caused damage to farmland. Currently, the animal is rare and belongs to protected species. The installation depicting a scale model of the hamster’s skull, made by the students of landscape architecture at the Catholic University of Lublin, is meant to draw attention to this strongly Lublin-related dying species, still encountered in Czechowskie Hills The only question is, how long will it survive there?

Lilliputian Houses (1-14,07, Ku Farze street)

Come to the street of the Lilliputs! Let’s step into Gulliver’s shoes and walk along tiny, colourful buildings inspired by buildings in the Old Town. The models were made by children from “Pod Akacją” Youth Cultural Centre under the supervision of Katarzyna Niedźwiadek.

I will tell you a story without words (1-21.07, Grodzka 7 – patio)

Autism is not blue, it’s colourful. Let’s get to know the work of the 18-year-old Ola Leśnik who uses colourful paintings to communicate with the world. Ola paints when she feels like it and when the moment is right for her. She has had a few important exhibitions, her art accompanies texts by famous authors, while her home in Gliwice is starting to look like an art gallery thanks to her supportive parents.

What stays

Mad Tea Party (1-21.07, Grodzka 7 – patio)

A teapot with three spouts, a teacup with a handle inside, cupcakes sprinkled with clock hands are ceramic wonders which convey the atmosphere of a mad afternoon tea party. Alice, Mad Hatter and Dormouse would certainly sit at a table filled with such curiosities. Authors: Joanna Kowalska-Wolszczak/ Żywioły Ziemi

The City Pająk – chandelier (until 21.07, The Gothic Tower, behind Krakowska Gate to the right.

The installation refers to an old folk tradition of hanging ornaments, called pająki, from the ceiling. Pająki chandeliers used to be made of straw and crepe paper and were said to be lucky charms, bringing the household good luck, health and fortune. Contemporary versions are made with the same intention in mind, though the shape and materials have changed. The City Pająk has been created especially for Lublin with the best wishes of happiness and good health.

Authors: Karina Królak, Patrycja Smirnow

Object speak (4.06-21.07, Old Town)

There are many challenges during the pandemic. The time of isolation served as a pretext to look differently at objects of daily use. Every item has its story; it’s enough to listen to hear the story of a seemingly silent object. The exhibition “Object speak” consists of static illustrations that come to life with the help of the Artvive app to show an animated film presenting the thoughts and reflections of people forced into distance learning during the most creative period in their lives. Watch out, however, as this is not an ordinary exhibition. Look out for static illustrations all over the Old Town. Start your journey at Dominikański Square and make sure to download Artvive.

Authors: Students of Maria Curie-Skłodowska’s University’ Faculty of Arts and New Media students from the Polish – Japanese Academy of Information Technology under the supervision of dr Joanna Polak

Night of Culture’s fish memories (04.06-21.07, Bramowa street)

We have been collecting mementoes from the past editions of the festival, and this year, we’re bringing some of them out. Any day is good for fishing…two fantastic fish will be hung above our heads. The energetic, colourful fish by Jarosław Koziara and the monochromatic one by Francois Monnet.

Author: Workshops of Culture

Intro (until 21.07, Złota 1)

A fascinating place awaits your viewing – on the one hand, it’s inconspicuous, almost hidden from view, but on the other, it compels you to take a look!

Authors: Students of MCSU’s Faculty of Arts under the guidance of Jarosław Koziara

CityTender: maple and black Locust (4.06-21.07, Wróblewskiego, Radziwiłłowska st.)

We have concluded that one of the most beautiful ways of giving the city affection is to plant new trees. We proudly present Norway maple and black locust.

Author: Workshops of Culture

Dominikańska street bats (4.06-21.07, Dominikańska street)

“There are no mice in the air, I’m afraid, but you might catch a bat and that’s very like a mouse, you know”- said Alice in Lewis Carroll’s book. Are mice like bats? We will find the answer in Dominikańska street when we look up.

Author: Jarosław Koziara

Cats on the Roof (4.06-21.07, Zamkowy Square/rooftops)

Rooftops will be decorated with a dozen or so black and white flags depicting cats. The cats are made of fabric and are based on designs by Andrzej Kot, an outstanding visual artist, calligrapher and illustrator from Lublin.

Author: Jarosław Koziara

These are just a few of the installations you will be able to see during the longest Night of Culture ever. Every week, new installations will take Lublin’s residents and visitors by surprise. The map of available attractions will be available at nockultury.pl in the section FESTIVAL MAP. The map will mark attractions you can see, and it will be updated every week. All events are outdoors, and admission is free. You do not need to register; simply go out on a stroll around the Old Town.

Alle events are available in the public space and admission is free and unlimited. You do not need to register, except for the underground tours at Perła – Lublin Breweries S.A. ), you just need to go on a walk around the Old Town.

Night of Culture

4 June – 21 July

Old Town in Lublin

Organisers: Workshops of Culture, the City of Lublin

The Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk, has assumed honorary patronage

Media patronage: TVP 2, TVP Kultura, TVP 3 Lublin, Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin, Radio Lublin

Sponsor: Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A.