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Visit our October exhibitions that take us on a journey to many worlds: art, architecture, literature and circus. 

City Moments / Lublin  Vilnius 

Exhibition of photography by Jakub Orzechowski and Ignac Tokarczyk who accompanied Night of Culture on its adventures in Lublin and Vilnius in 2019.  They have captured many colourful memories – moments for our viewing pleasure. 

When: 1-30 October 2020,  the exhibition is open from Monday to Friday between 10.00-16.00. 
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7, ground floor

Bauhaus – a school that’s not just for adults

One hundred and one years ago, the architect Walter Gropius founded a school in the German province, a school that then revolutionised architecture around the world. The most prominent artists of the 20th century worked there, such personalities as Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy or Oskar Schlemmer. Even though the school only existed for 14 years, Bauhaus continues to influence architecture and design.

The history of the school is fascinating, but how to introduce it to children? The task is not as difficult as it may seem, because it was an extraordinary and revolutionary school that followed principles which are understandable to children. Every child is bound to be happy to hear that “It doesn’t matter what you can do, what’s important is your talent and if that talent is not discovered, then it’s not your fault, but the fault of your teacher”. The exhibition will show children how to recognise houses designed in the style of the Bauhaus school and why the entire school was filled with the smell of garlic, what chairs we should sit on today according to Marcel Breuer, how to dance a mathematical dance, and how they played – and they played often and eagerly as one of the school’s mottos was “we work together, we play together”.
At the exhibition we can see Katarzyna Bogucka’s illustrations that are original interpretations of photographs documenting life at the school. The illustrations are accompanied by items designed by Bauahus’ teachers and students as well as original photos on postcards and posters.
Curators:: Ewa Solarz, Beata Kuracińska
Illustrations: Katarzyna Bogucka

When: 3 September-31 October, the exhibition is available from Monday to Friday between 10.00-16.00.
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7

Wschodni Express: Exhibition of authors and their book covers

On top of high quality literature, the “Wschodni Express” series also offers unique graphic designs. Every cover is carefully planned in the spirit of minimalism and brings out the essence of a given book’s leitmotif. We combine aesthetic and intellectual value. Why do we do this? The series Wschodni Express aims at introducing Polish readers to the latest literary texts from Poland’s eastern neighbours, addressing the issues most relevant to their societies and equipped with a critical distance and humour in looking at Europe, ourselves in Europe and Europe within us.
Cover design: Ewelina Kruszewska
Adjustment of photos: Ilona Wałęcak
Publisher: Warsztaty Kultury

Where: 3 September – 31 October,  10.00–20.00.
When: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – ground floor

Circus poster exhibition | 10th anniversary of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów

In 2019, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this occasion, we announced a contest for the festival’s poster. We asked the participants to refer to the tradition of the Polish School of Poster, in which digital poster held a significant place. Among all submissions, the jury awarded one major prize, four distinctions and selected 25 works. All these posters are now available for viewing at the exhibition. We also printed a calendar that presents 13 selected posters.  Every page features a unique work that was submitted for the poster contest. And now the best part! Every page of the limited edition calendar, printed on a high quality treeless paper is in reality a separate A2 poster that you can cut out, frame and enjoy beyond the year 2020.  The calendars can be purchased here:


You can collect the calendars in person in Workshops of Culture at Grodzka 7.

When: October 2020
Where: Lobby ARCHE Hotel Lublin, Zamojska 30.