Grafika z napisem: Wschód Kultury - Inne Brzmienia 6-9.07.2023 Lublin.

Contemporary Noise Ensemble, who are making a big comeback. Jakub Skorupa, whose career is on fire. Phenomenal young groups like ta Ukrainka and Kisu Min, as well as the jazz-blues band Koń. These are the Polish artists to perform at East of Culture – Different Sounds this year. Between 6-9 July 2023 we’re meeting in Lublin for the 16th edition of Different Sounds and its 10th iteration as part of East of Culture – a project carried out by the National Centre for Culture in cooperation with three cities in eastern Poland – Lublin, Białystok, and Rzeszów, with funds provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

For many years, the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival has presented the most interesting and intriguing phenomena in the worldwide alternative music scene. It has hosted musicians from all continents, representing a variety of genres and styles. However, the event wouldn’t be complete without Polish performers who are a vital part of the line-up every year. They include both emerging artists and established stars, who all share high quality performances and incredible musical imagination. The third round of this year’s line-up announcements introduces a wide panorama of the Polish alternative music scene with its different genres and styles. These include jazz, hip hop, electronic music, rock and punk, and trips towards blues and country. The reactivated Contemporary Noise Ensemble, led by the Kapsa brothers, is bound to be a big event. They are an iconic band from the first decade of the 21st century – a breakthrough period for Polish jazz. Another Polish artist to appear in Lublin is Jakub Skorupa, a composer and lyricist who is currently one of the most interesting and fast-developing artists in the alternative music scene. The festival will also showcase representatives of the younger generation, such as the projects ta Ukrainka (fronted by the charismatic Anastazja Ivahrenko) and Kisu Min, who are both new quality and a breath of fresh air in the Polish music scene. Joining the line-up is also the band Koń, made up of experienced musicians who have been present on the Polish alternative music scene for years, and this time around take a fresh and creative approach to country and blues.

About the artists

Contemporary Noise Ensemble – a band formed in Szubin and fronted by brothers Kuba and Bartek Kapsa, now considered one of the key bands for an entire generation of contemporary jazz in Poland. The brothers, having had rich experience and many successes with their guitar project Something Like Elvis, decided to change their style and language of musical expression. After their alternative punk phase (joint tours with Fugazi or Nomeansno), the time has come for improvisation and illustrative cinema and theatre music. Over the years, Ensemble transformed into a quartet, quintet or even sextet, but always serving fresh ideas and high quality performances. Albums, such as “Pig Inside the Gentleman” or “Theatre Play Music” have become classics. The band is returning to Lublin after many years, and will present material from their latest album „An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman”. Their concert is a must-attend event, not only for jazz fans.

Jakub Skorupa – a vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist from Silesia. He loves fusing various musical styles. Despite his youth, he has ample experiences to draw from and incorporates them into his music. He poured beer at mining feasts, sold cars, produced corporate films, and wrote a theatre play called “Życie męczy”. In early 2021, he released the song „Pociągi Towarowe,” which quickly earned him recognition as the rising star of Polish music. He placed third in Gazeta Wyborcza’s 2021 Sanki contest and went on tour before the release of his first album, „Zeszyt pierwszy,” which was met with critical acclaim. Jakub Skorupa describes himself as an observer of reality who expresses what he sees and feels. His music is a melancholic blend of rap narration and alternative sounds.

ta Ukrainka – ta Ukrainka, whose real name is Anastazja Ivahnenko, is a Ukrainian musician who currently lives, works, and creates music in Warsaw. Her music has been a revelation on the Polish market for several months. When she first moved to Poland, she didn’t know the language well and had no friends or prospects. Nevertheless, Maria Peszek and Taco Hemingway’s music inspired her to pursue her career as an artist. She won the 4th edition of Gazeta Wyborcza’s contest for the hottest new face in Polish music. She’s releasing her debut album in May 2023.

Koń – Koń is a band that takes its listeners on a nostalgic, frenzied, acid blues journey. The band consists of guitarist Sławomir Szudrowicz (Something Like Elvis, Selina Martin Band), drummer Asia Glubiak (Panieneczki, Limboski, Barbara Wrońska), saxophonist Michał Fetler (Jazzband Młynarski Masecki, Polmuz, Fanfara Awantura), and composer and keyboard virtuoso Jakub Królikowski. Their music blends country and western, alternative music, modern jazz, blues, and psycho trance. They released their debut album in 2022 to rave reviews, but they’re best known for their electrifying live performances, making them a true concert animal.

Kisu Min – Kisu Min is an indie rock quartet from Łódź that that has gained immense popularity in recent years and is considered one of the most promising acts on the Polish guitar scene. The band was formed in 2016 and initially focused on organising their own concerts and releasing music through their own label, „GISH,” in line with the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethos. In 2023, they had a breakthrough, and their latest, outstanding album, „City of the Revolution” was released by the legendary label Antena Krzyku label, known for its commitment to high quality music. Kisu Min’s future looks bright, and their upcoming performance at the Different Sounds festival in Lublin is not to be missed.

The other musical acts scheduled to perform at East of Culture – Different Sounds include Ladytron, a legendary group from the British electronic scene, Stian Westerhus, a Norwegian guitar virtuoso, and Nuha Ruby Ra, a rising star in the British contemporary music scene, To Rococo Rot, the legends of the German music scene blending electronic music with live sound, the Italian masters of poetic vibe Dead Cat in a Bag, and excellent Polish bands – SzorstkieTuleje, and Atol Atol Atol.

More announcements coming soon, including updates on the music line-up as well as non-music modules that will include an excellent film programme, exhibitions, panels, literary premieres, events for children and young people, and workshops and discussions for music professionals.

East of Culture – Different Sounds
6-9 July 2023
Błonia near the Castle, Lublin
Admission free

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East of Culture – Different Sounds 2023 – Organisers:
The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, The National Centre for Culture, the City of Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin.
The festival has been granted honorary patronage by Krzysztof Żuk, the Mayor of Lublin, and is part of the programme of European Youth Capital Lublin 2023. As a member of the Keychange network, our festival is committed to promoting gender balance in the music industry.