Night of Culture is swiftly approaching, and we’re methodically preparing for this magnificent celebration of culture. We aim for our city to dazzle all – its dwellers, regular visitors, and newcomers alike. Our goal is to transform and enchant Lublin, possibly even decorating it deliciously! Everyone can join in; simply contribute a spoon.


During this extraordinary evening, Lublin will be embellished with a unique installation co-created by Agata Zwierzyńska and each individual who donates a spoon. Agata, who is associated with Biała Gallery, has made a lasting impression on the attendees of Night of Culture with her contribution to two remarkable installations. Surely, you have not forgotten the enchanting Glowgarbs, also known as dress-lanterns, that lit up Żmigród Street in 2015, or the 1930s-inspired “Retromania” arrangement on Kowalska Street in 2016.

We’re also keen to hear the stories behind your spoons. These could be precious family treasures passed down from your grandmother, the only spoon you brought with you to college in a new city or an item that had mysteriously found its way into your drawer. A short description is all we need; we plan to curate a virtual gallery on our Facebook page and construct a tangible, spoon-themed art installation to be showcased in June during Night of Culture.

The exact location for the spoon art piece remains undecided. It’s partly up to you and the number of spoons we collect. A large display may need a lot of space, whereas a smaller one could snugly fit into a keyhole!

What kind of spoons do we need?

We’re searching for spoons made entirely of metal, covering all sizes and purposes. They can be bent or aged, but they must be clean.

Where and when should you bring the spoons?

Simply visit Workshops of Culture located at Grodzka 7, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. On the first floor, you’ll find a special chest for the spoons. Please bring them in by April 19, 2024.

About Night of Culture

Night of Culture transforms Lublin with hundreds of free artistic events, drawing thousands of cheerful individuals meandering through the city’s avenues, all in pursuit of memorable moments. This unique evening annually turns the impossible into reality, offering a range of activities including concerts, light installations, theatrical performances, interactive workshops, and a myriad of indefinable spectacles! Attendees are treated to a rich tapestry of experiences and escapades, all condensed into seven vibrant hours. Whether you’re there for the exhilarating rush of live music and artistry or the cosy ambience of literary gatherings, the choice is yours. Night of Culture reimagines public spaces with creative installations, magically altering the cityscape: it’s a time when doors reveal secrets, gates can be smelled, walls invite caresses, and keyholes offer glimpses into extraordinary worlds.  Remember to fully charge your camera batteries to capture every enchanting detail.


Night of Culture
1/2 June 2024
Lublin – Old Town and the city centre
Admission free


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