The Lublin “Gazeta Wyborcza” editorial board has selected the top ten events deserving of an award, and two of them were organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin: the Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair festival and a meet-and-greet event with author Serhij Zadan, hosted by Kultura Enter Magazine. Voting is open until April 2nd!

Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair Festival

Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair is an annual festival celebrating traditional music and crafts, held in Lublin’s Old Town. The festival aims to create a dialogue between heritage and modernity, connecting the past with the present and old traditions with what is new. Visitors can interact with musicians, artisans, and sociocultural animators who approach the creative continuation of tradition with full awareness, responsibility, and sensitivity. The festival’s programme includes concerts, dance parties, and The Jagiellonian Fair, an exhibition of traditional arts and crafts.

An important part of the event is the special music production – the concert re:tradition, which blends traditional music and its masters with contemporary artists – people open to sharing their experiences.

The festival includes various workshops and music performances that align with the event’s annual theme, which changes every year. In 2022, the theme was traditional jewellery and trinkets. Additionally, there are several attractions for children, such as the Re:tradition Playground, where they can play with toys from a century ago and learn about how children used to spend their leisure time. This year’s edition takes place between 18-20 August 2023

Author meet-and-greet with Serhij Zadan

Known for his punk band, social activism, and involvement in the protection of Kharkiv and its residents, Serhij Zadan, a renowned Ukrainian poet and musician, visited Lublin on August 20th, 2022, for a meet-and-greet. The event was hosted by Kultura Enter Magazine, published by Workshops of Culture. Several hundred people attended the event, which featured a poetry performance and a fundraiser for off-road vehicles and ambulances for the Ukrainian military. Zadan’s visit was well-received by all who attended, with generous donations supporting the fundraiser.

You can cast your votes for events organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin on Gazeta Wyborcza’s website, HERE. 

Voting runs until 2 April.