The Jagiellonian Fair Orchestra

The Jagiellonian Fair Orchestra is an educational and artistic project based on the belief that traditional dance music is a medium that creates and connects communities–of both the musicians who perform it (amateurs and professionals alike) and the recipients, listeners and dancers who enjoy dancing their nights away to its tunes.


The project is an invitation to make music together, addressed to all enthusiasts of pure traditional music. It aims at popularising the traditional culture of the Lublin region and promotes learning the style and repertoire from the village masters. It is an opportunity for those who want to develop their musical ability and instrument skills to get acquainted with the rich repertoire from the Lublin region and the cultural contexts that accompanied it.

The conclusion of the Orchestra’s year-round work is the performance at the Jagiellonian Fair night-time dance parties. The musicians play such tunes as polkas, obereks, ride tunes, marches, waltzes and foxtrots from the repertoires of traditional musicians from the Lublin region (including Stanisław Głaz, Bronisław Bida, Orkiestra Dętra ze Zdziłowic (the Brass Orchestra from Zdziłowice), Kapela Bednarzy from Tomaszów Lubelski).

The project premiered at the Jagiellonian Fair 2014. It is a result and fusion of educational projects focused on the performing styles of traditional instrumental music of the Lublin region carried out in the years 2007-2013 by Kapela Braci Dziobaków z Woli Destymflandzkiej (Eng lit. The Dziobak Brothers Band from Wola Destymflandzka, featuring Ewa Grochowska, Krzysztof Butryn, Edyta Piekarczyk).

Instructors: Ewa Grochowska, Maciej Filipczuk, Marcin Kowalczuk.

WHERE: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a and 7

WHEN: always in August, before and during The Jagiellonian Fair and irregular weekend sessions in other months.

free, registration is required.

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