The Magic Lantern

The magic lantern is an international film club for children aged 6-12 that allows the participants to go on a magical journey across worldwide cinema and understand contemporary audiovisual trends.


The Magic Lantern successfully brings to Poland the educational programme which has been running for over 20 years in Switzerland (now with over 70 clubs) and 17 other countries around the world. Workshops of Culture have been running the club in Lublin since 2014, and until today it remains the only Magic Lantern Club in Poland.

During the screenings, the children discover the thrills of the cinema and share those unique moments with their peers. In the process, they develop critical skills essential in today’s world, dominated by audiovisual media. Whether it’s the Internet, mobile phones or video games, communication through images keeps increasing. This process is strong among the young, as for them this model is the most natural way of getting to know the world. Therefore, the club’s main goal is to encourage young viewers to discover the cinema’s appeal as art. We focus most of all on conveying the emotions connected with watching films on the big screen.

Each screening is preceded by a funny and educational performance combined with the reading of a comic that further introduces the film.

WHERE: auditorium, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a, 2nd floor

WHEN: the screenings take place once a month, February to December with a summer break..

ADMISSION: A free member’s card lets all boys and girls aged 6-12 join the club for free. The registration for the programme takes place every January. It is not possible to join after the meetings start.

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