Can’t wait for  Carnaval Sztukmistrzów? Are you a fan of circus arts and theatre performances? If that’s the case, The Polish Incident is just the thing for you! We’d like to invite you to an outstanding event take place between April 22-24 in “Chatka Żaka” Academic Cultural Centre, where we’ll be able to watch demonstrations of works in progress by Polish circus artists.


We’ve decided to start the circus season in Lublin a little earlier this year. And before the artists of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów take over the streets of Lublin between 28 and 31 July, we wish to invite you to enjoy spring with the circus. The Polish Incident is a contest for the most intriguing circus show, which Workshops of Culture in Lublin announced last autumn. The artists who have qualified will have the opportunity to get financial and technical support, and ultimately, to produce their show.  As part of the contest, they are required to perform in front of an audience, presenting short, 20-minute acts comprised of selected scenes from their productions. The event will be followed by a discussion during which the general public and invited guests can share their impressions and opinions on the performances.

The styles of the act vary, ranging from comedy and jokes to poetry and experimental forms of expression. Clowning, acrobatics, juggling, aerial acrobatics, and illusion are among the remarkable circus skills featured in the shows. The event will give the artists their first opportunity to present their work to an audience and receive feedback from critics and other artists.

The artists of The Polish Incident have flourished with their performance ideas in the same way that spring has. We will see around 10 solo and group performances by artists from all over Poland. The performances will cover a wide range of topics, including lighthearted situations and everyday challenges, as well as serious and profound subjects.

Practical Information

When: 22 and 23 April, 2022 (Friday and Saturday), 16.00-21.00
Where: Chatka Żaka Academic Cultural Centre, Radziszewskiego 16

Artists: Ale Circus Dance Company, Kamil Dziliński, Roman Słomka i Wojtek Rotowski, Tomasz Piotrowski, Marta Cywińska and Mikołaj Pawlaczuk, Marta Mądry, Piotr Sikora

Free admission

A bonus to the event will be the performance “Opticon (time between 3D and 2D)” produced under the prestigious European competition “Circus Next.”

Opticon (time between 3D and 2D) – Eliska Brtnicka (Czechia)


Eliska Brtnicka from Czechia will be the event’s special guest with her performance “Opticon (time between 3D and 2D)”. It’s an acrobatic and athletic performance about keeping movement in a still photograph. The show integrates elements of performance, installation, and photography exhibition.

The show offers multiple points of view to watch the moving body, as though seen through the lens of a camera. The body, smelling of photo developing fluid and photographic fixer, tries to make sense of its two-dimensional existence through photographic and choreographic lenses. The performance is site-specific, which means it is tailored and dedicated to the location where it is presented. It premiered in Prague on the 15 and 16 December 2018, in an unused swimming pool.

Practical Information

When: 24.04.2022 (Sunday) 17:00
Where: Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, Teatralny Square 1
Free admission

More information: Carnaval Sztukmistrzów’s website

Carnaval Sztukmistrzów will take place from 28-31 July 2022 in Lublin’s Old Town. The Lublin festival offers predominantly new circus, an art form inspired by classic circus but straddling the line between performance and theatre. Buskers representing the tradition of old ludic street performances will also be seen on the streets of Lublin. It’s worth noting that the festival’s performers do not use animals in their acts. However, we still need to wait a bit for a detailed programme of the event.