This year’s East of Culture – Different Sounds wouldn’t be complete without Ukrainian artists. Therefore, three excellent projects from the alternative scene of our neighbours will appear in Lublin: the jazz band Hyphen Dash, and the electronic music bands The Lazy Jesus and Monoconda. We will also try to bring the current situation of the music industry in Ukraine closer to the audience, with the help of representatives from the legendary Ukrainian Atlas Festival. .  Between 6-9 July 2023 we’re meeting in Lublin for the 16th edition of Different Sounds and its 10th iteration as part of East of Culture – a project carried out by the National Centre for Culture in cooperation with three cities in eastern Poland – Lublin, Białystok, and Rzeszów, with funds provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The past year has posed a constant challenge for Ukrainian artists, who have had to confront the nightmare of war and the unimaginably difficult situation of daily existence under threat, stress, and uncertainty. They have been forced to adapt to extreme conditions that musicians from manu other countries have never experienced. Nonetheless art plays a vital role in times of crisis, and it is more crucial than ever to remind people about Ukrainian culture and promote it.

Since its inception, the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival has aimed to showcase the richness and diversity of the music scenes in countries from the so-called Eastern Partnership. Over the past decade, the festival has hosted artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and Armenia, representing a wide range of genres such as jazz, electronic, indie rock, punk, and metal. Along the way, we have broken down many stereotypes, forged many friendships and collaborations, proving that music transcends borders and is a universal, global language of communication. Keeping this tradition alive, this year we will present one of the raising stars of the Ukrainian jazz scene – the trio Hyphen Dash. In addition, Monoconda will perform his energetic set, while the artists from The Lazy Jesus duo will serve up their blend of electronic music and stunning visual effects in their set called UA Tribal. The festival will also feature discussions about the current situation in the music scene of our neighbours, so attendees can learn first-hand what’s happening and how we can help.

About the artists

Hyphen Dash, a band based in Kyiv, is currently one of the hottest and fastest-growing Ukrainian bands. Many experts of the local music scene consider this jazz-rock collective to be the greatest revelation of the past year. Hyphen Dash is expected to shape contemporary Ukrainian music that combines jazz with club music. The artists boldly reach for electronic music and even hip-hop in addition to their classical instrument set. They also feature interesting guests, such as Slovak vocalist Tamara Kramar, in their recordings and concerts. If you have the chance, it is worth checking out their concert in Lublin now, as they are likely to dominate the music scene in the upcoming years.

The Lazy Jesus presents UA Tribal is a music and visual project by Ukrainian producer, musician, and DJ Ehor Havrylenko, better known as The Lazy Jesus. In UA Tribal, he combines various rhythms and beats with Ukrainian folklore. His sets primarily explore ethno music from Ukraine and other parts of the world, using it as a basis for creating interesting dance music. As a DJ, Ehor has performed in  various cities, including Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Vilnius, and Bali. In Ukraine, he mostly plays at the HVLV club in Kyiv and works as a music editor for the well-known Ukrainian label Masterskaya. Before embarking on his solo career, he played the bass and keyboards in many Kyiv-based indie and pop bands. In 2021, he won the RAP UA AWARDS in the „Sound Producer of the Year” category. Since 2022, Ehor has been presenting his UA selection on European stages, showcasing independent electronic artists from Ukraine who create music during the war. Two of his selections have been aired on radio stations in Vilnius and Munich.

Monoconda – Monoconda is the stage name of Oleksandr Filonenko, a renowned Ukrainian DJ, producer, and musician. In his sets, he skillfully combines genres such as IDM, dub, techno, and ambient, creating a unique and interesting sound. Monoconda has a talent for getting any audience to dance and have fun, and he can also slow down the tempo and immerse the crowd in hypnotic, trance-like sounds. . During his performances, he incorporates instruments such as the electric guitar and keyboards, which create a fascinating effect when combined with electronic music. Monoconda’s set is sure to be one of the most danceable moments of this year’s festival in Lublin.

The other musical acts scheduled to perform at East of Culture – Different Sounds 2023 include Ladytron – the legendary group from the British electronic scene, Stian Westerhus – a  Norwegian guitar virtuoso,  Nuha Ruby Ra – a rising star in the British contemporary music scene, To Rococo Rot – the legends of the German music scene blending electronic music with live sound, the Italian masters of poetic vibe Dead Cat in a Bag, and excellent Polish bands – Szorstkie, Tulejeand Atol Atol AtolContemporary Noise Ensemble, who are making a big comeback, Jakub Skorupa, whose career is on fire, phenomenal young groups like ta Ukrainka and Kisu Min, as well as the jazz-blues band Koń. More announcements coming soon, including updates on the music line-up as well as non-music modules that will include an excellent film programme, exhibitions, panels, literary premieres, events for children and young people, and workshops and discussions for music professionals.

East of Culture – Different Sounds
6-9 July 2023
Błonia near the Castle, Lublin
Admission free.

More information about the festival can be found at and

East of Culture – Different Sounds 2023 – Organisers:

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, The National Centre for Culture, the City of Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin.
The festival has been granted honorary patronage by Krzysztof Żuk, the Mayor of Lublin, and is part of the programme of European Youth Capital Lublin 2023.
As a member of the Keychange network, our festival is committed to promoting gender balance in the music industry.