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Grafika ze zdenerwowaną dziewczynką i trzema dymkami, w których są obrazki: puzzel, żarówka, serce. Nad głową dziewczynki znajduje się chmurka z napisem "Gdyby tak zamiast mówić w moim imieniu w końcu wysłuchali, co ja mam do powiedzenia?".

Autism Drawn– exhibition of drawings by Karolina “Szarosen” Plewińska | The Art of Sensitivity

About the event

We cordially invite you to attend the exhibition “Autism Drawn”, which features satirical drawings published online between 2017 and 2019. This is the work of Karolina “Szarosen” Plewińska, a graphic designer with autism. In her art, she tries to show the absurdities of everyday life for adults with autism. Her message focuses directly on our society’s erroneous thinking and harmful stereotypes. All the situations she depicts are real, even though the drawings are distorted and exaggerated. This event is a great opportunity to see drawings by the artist all in one place.   A meeting with the artist will also be held at the exhibition’s closing event on 31 March at 17.00.


Karolina “Szarosen” Plewińska – cartoonist, satirist. Her works include comic books (“Grubas”/”Fatty”), a small book entitled “Niejadek”/Poor Eater and antiviolence billboards “Kochajcie mnie, mamo i tato” / “Love me, mom and dad”. She combines carefree colours with a dark sense of humor. In her comics, she addresses important topics such as errors in education and parenting, harmful sterotypes, and otherness. Her goal is to represent those whose voices are not heard.


When: 13 March – 7 april 2023, Mon-Fri, 9.00-5.00 p.m.
Where: In-gate gallery, Workshops of Culture – Grodzka 7
Admission free

Closing event 
When: 31 March 2023, 17.00
Where: In-gate Gallery, Workshops of Culture – Grodzka 7
Admission Free

The exhibition and the meeting with the artist are part of World Autism Awareness Day held annually on 2 April.

The meeting with the artist and the exhibition are part of World Autism Awareness Day, which is observed annually on April 2.


04 April 2023




In-Gate Gallery, Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7
Grodzka 7
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