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Kobieta połyka ogień. Logo Carnavalu Sztukmistrzów. 27-30 :ipca 2023 Lublin.

Carnaval Sztukmistrzów | 27-30 July 2023


Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is a festival that features performances by world-class circus stars, including street shows, theatre and circus acts, workshops, and fire shows. During the event, renowned international groups and troupes present the art of new circus. Together with the artists, the audience embarks on a unique journey through the world of extraordinary phenomena. Streets become stages, and artists and spectators are their actors. Boundaries disappear during this time.

Street performers and masters of circus arts from all over the world come to Lublin to present breathtaking shows. It’s the most performatively diverse festival in the country, a unique and inspiring bazaar of the arts. Lublin’s Carnaval offers the best of contemporary circus, clowning, acrobatics, and busking from around the world.

An integral part of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is Urban Highline Festival, known as the world’s largest and oldest highline event. It combines an integral element of the city’s identity – the iconic Magician of Lublin – with the emerging discipline of slacklining.

All attractions are located in the centre of the city and its historic quarter. Most events are free and open as they take place in the streets, squares, and plazas of the Old Town. Some events have a fee and can only be attended under the Big Top or in a theatre. Every year, several dozen young volunteers work on the festival, helping to animate the cultural life of the city.

This year’s edition of the festival is part of the European Youth Capital.  Lublin is the first city in Poland to become the European Youth Capital. The city was chosen by the international jury as the place to show Europe values that are significant to youth, to show their activities, and to direct attention to youth in all kinds of events. The European Youth Capital is a title awarded by the European Youth Forum for a period of one year. It’s designed to empower young people, boost their participation in decision-making and strengthen European identity in our cities. Additionally, it brings the energy and activity of youth to Lublin as a way to support the locals. It also promotes broadly understood young culture and youth activity on many levels. This means that this year’s festivals organised by Workshops of Culture will focus on youth


When: 27-30 July 2023
Where: Lublin – Old Town
Admission free – a fee is charged for selected events.
Full programme: June 2023 at
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27 - 30 July 2023


All Day


Błonia near the Castle
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