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Trans-making dissemnination event

Emotion Mapping Lublin | CULTURE – CITY – CHANGE

About the event

We (Gökhan Mura from the Izmir University of Economics and Charlotte Perrin from El Taller Tres) would like to propose a collaborative workshop titled “Emotion Mapping Lublin”. We want to explore Lublin through the eyes of the migrants as well as old and new Lubliners. This workshop aims to explore Lublin and the changes happening in the city from the perspective of the emotions experienced by people living in Lublin, on three levels depending on their exposure to the city: the seasoned residents of Lublin, the recent residents of Lublin (the migrants), and the trans-making participants who have just arrived in Lublin.

The workshop will have the participants visualise the different emotions they trigger, live, remember and experience in Lublin. Mapping emotions associated with specific locations around the city will help us see and empathise with the change in Lublin and develop a creative, human-centred and participatory visual tool to consider how the same places in the city can be experienced by different people with different backgrounds and histories. The participants in this workshop will be asked to discuss the various feelings they experienced in Lublin at different times and the locations they associate with these feelings.

After that, the participants will receive stickers with colour codes for various emotions and number codes for their names  (or pseudonyms or avatars). They will be instructed to attach the stickers to a sizable printed map of Lublin to mark locations that make them feel a certain way.  The participants will also be asked to offer their stories, and provide explanations  for associating certain places with certain emotions, with statements such as “I feel happy here because…” “I feel angry in this street because…” 

Every individual experiences emotions and places differently, depending on their past and personal history.  The “map markers” will allow each participant to identify that emotional state and express it in their own words in different languages, as well as through photographs they have taken or illustrations they have made. These personal testimonial signs will be attached to the colourful stickers marked on the map with the same colour strings.

Two maps will be produced. The printed and manually marked map, which will be exhibited, will show the distribution, variety, and clustering of emotions experienced in Lublin, providing an alternative overview of the city. The information will also be marked and processed in an online map to share the results digitally and encourage further participation. The second outcome of the workshop will be an expanding map of Lublin where individual participants can express their points of view by marking their emotions with their own text and visuals. The digital map also provides a reading of Lublin on three levels: A combined map of emotions in Lublin, the patterns of distribution of each emotion, and the emotions and stories of each participant.

About the hosts

Gökhan Mura (TUR)

Gökhan Mura, PhD., is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Visual Communication Design at the Izmir University of Economics. He has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design and his PhD in Industrial Design with his research on utilizing user-generated photographs for creative inspiration and empathic design. His research interests involve various design disciplines with a keen interest in the narrative capabilities of design, human-technology interaction, artificial intelligence and visual and material culture. His current research focus is on transnational objects, migrant gifts and material manifestation of migration narratives through design.

Charlotte Perrin (FRA/CHI)

A designer and visual artist. Besides ceramics, textiles, and drawing, she writes and creates art installations. She doesn’t only focus on her own work but encourages others to explore questions such as “Where do we fit in the world, how do we talk about it and how can we weave it all together?” Her explorations are guided by the fear of forgetting and the feeling of being uprooted. The artist is fascinated by autobiographical narratives and questions of memory.  With her mind and eyes wide open, she surveys the landscapes of Europe and beyond and plays with words in different languages. The stories she tells are both local and universal. Since 2012, she has lived between Europe and Chile where she co-founded El Taller TRES.


When: 24 September, 15.00-17.00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7a
Registration: The workshops are free. Sign up via the online form

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24 September 2022


15:00 - 17:00

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