Extraordinary People – exhibition of artists associated with the Ukrainian collective Pictoric

In 2014, Pictoric Illustrators’ Club created the project “Famous Ukrainians”.  The posters presented the best-known Ukrainians – renowned writers and public figures, musicians, scientists, athletes and actors – people who love Ukraine and push it forward. The pandemic in 2020 accomplished what no social action had ever managed – it highlighted the significance of thousands of ordinary Ukrainians whose work ensures the stability of society’s daily life. Cashiers, couriers,  pharmacists and watchmen, nurses and warehouse workers, drivers and vendors all became “the faces of Ukraine” because when the entire country went into lockdown, they were the ones who continued to work, support others and move forward. They became the frontline heroes and, for that, deserve the most sincere applause.

The project produced 100 portraits, 100 stories about various professions, 100 stories about extraordinary people. In Lublin, we will present 45 of them.

Pictoric Illustrators Club is a community of Ukrainian illustrators, artists and graphic designers, each with a unique style in line with the latest trends in visual arts. The club creates international projects involving talented artists from various countries to promote high-quality, contemporary illustration in Ukraine and abroad.


24 June 2021 - 25 July 2021


10:00 - 16:00
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