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I miss Ukraine – Oleksandr Halishchuk’s exhibition

About the Event

Oleksandr Halishchuk
I miss Ukraine

On November 5 “Chvert” festival of DIY art and Ukraine’s underground scene was held at the Gunpowder Tower in Lviv. The project was initiated and coauthored by the multimedia artist, queer-anarchist and activist Oleksandr Halishchuk from Melitopol (a town in Southern Ukraine) who is currently living in Poland and was unable to attend the festival in person.

Workshops of Culture in Lublin and Labirynt Gallery invite you to the multimedia exhibition showcasing the video materials Halishchuk received from the event’s organisers and coordinators –“Undercover.residence”, “SRZ-4”, “Teletransfer”  and “Coschey Lab”.

The materials capture and document all festival events, featuring circuit bending workshops, that is the act of creatively using short circuits to create fresh sounds with low-voltage electronic devices such as toys or small synthesizers), thrash printingthe barber and piercing shop “nomer.47” supported by Raiskii_raiii (Paradise Heaven), performances, noise and experimental music concerts, indie DJ sets and alternative music, artworks, and grassroots initiatives.

Waldemar Tatarczuk, the director of Labirynt Gallery, who attended the “Chvert” festival on 5 November, will speak with the artist at the opening reception on 2 December.

“Chvert” (IG: _4vert_) – the festival of DIY art and Ukraine’s underground culture was held at the Gunpowder Tower in Lviv on 5 November. The event was organised by the collectives “Undercover.residence”, “SRZ-4”, “Teletransfer”, and “Coschey Lab”.

Initiator and co-author of the project: Oleksandr Halishchuk
Ukrainian organisers and coordinators: Kseniia Shcherbakova, Banan Vedro, Paul Klymenko, Slavik Breus, Serhii Suliaev
Organiser in Lublin: Workshops of Culture in Lublin
Curator: Magdalena Linkowska


Opening: 2 December 2022, 19.00
The opening reception will be hosted in Polish Sign Language and Ukrainian.
When: 3-4 December, 12.00-19.00
Where: Labirynt Gallery, Popiełuszki 5
For: adults
Ticket: 1 PLN

The project was funded by the GAUDE POLONIA Scholarship Programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


03 December 2022






Labirynt Gallery
Popiełuszki 5, Lublin
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