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Tłum kobiet w sukienkach na ramiączkach. Na środku logo Miasta Movie.

I still hide to smoke | Miasto Movie

Rayhana Obermeyer’s famous directorial debut, dealing with the situation of women in Algeria of the 1990s when Islamists come to power in the country.  The film is set in the urban bathhouse, the only space where women can feel relatively at ease, talk about any subject without fear of being punished by the patriarchal world of men. Religious fanaticism, cultural and social taboos, oppressive reality full of contradictions are unfortunately the sad everyday life of our heroines. The bathhouse becomes their refuge, a reassuring place, a space for a free exchange of thoughts. I still hide to smoke shows that contemporary cinema, more than ever, can and should have a social and interventional function and raise awareness about the problems of a world far removed from our everyday perspective.

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19 August 2020






Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 7 patio
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