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The image shows the work of art - a street sign with mosaic

Inga Levi “Comfort Zone” – exhibition | opening

Inga Levi shows Kyiv through a game of inseparable connection: love on the one hand and, on the other, the impossibility of breaking away from it. Workshops of Culture in Lublin invite you to the exhibition “Comfort Zone”. It is a mosaic installation and an exhibition of photographs showing the city as a psychological construct. Referring to Kyiv, the artist says: “I feel just like this city”, underlining the deep connection between her identity and her birthplace.

Feeling the inseparable connection: love on the one hand and the impossibility of breaking away from Kyiv on the other, Levi confronts herself in the project, which focuses on the visual navigation system in Lublin – a city that is not hers, but which she will always perceive from the perspective of the former.

Starting from street signs, warning tapes and images of dysfunctional places, the artist creates narratives about the sense of belonging on the one hand and about inner insecurity on the other.

Levi enters into a dialogue with the city’s physical space in its function of “making known” and informing as well as warning, commanding and forbidding. She plays a thrilling game with “the city”, in which distance is the rule. She treats the signs not as logical navigational instruments but as pure forms and natural fragments of space that appear like fetishes to the human eye. By looking at these surprising shapes as if through the eyes of a child, the artist disarms her own and our habits. By transforming the signs into mosaic images, she finds a perspective in which new meanings are revealed.

When: Opening of the exhibition: 19 November, 18.00. The exhibition will be available until 10 December between 12.00-16.00

Where: “Labirynt” Gallery, Grodzka 3

Free admission

Inga Levi was born in 1986 in Kyiv, where she lives and works. She studied book illustration at the Faculty of Publishing and Printing (National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”), worked in printmaking and painting.

Since 2000 she has been interested in urban space, architecture and monumental art, reflected in her artistic work with urban landscapes. From 2018-2019 she supervised the mosaic work on restoring the fountain “Stars and Constellations” by A. Rybachuk and V. Melnychenko (ARVM) in the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth. In 2021 she continued this experience when she worked on restoring the monumental interior of the central bus station in Kyiv, also by ARVM.

The project has been co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Gaude Polonia scholarship.


19 November 2021


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