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Czarno-biała fotografia członków zespołu LASY w czarnej ramce. Logo Strefy Innych Brzmień.

LASY – concert | Different Sounds Zone

About the event

Different Sounds Zone at Workshops of Culture is a year-round concert series showcasing extraordinary performers, the most interesting independent labels, and a variety of music genres and their unique combinations. In June, join us for a captivating performance by the band LASY! Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz and Jacek Prościński will take us on an unbridled journey of electronic and percussion rhythms, propelling us towards the upcoming East of Culture = Different Sounds.

LASY, a band hailing from Tricity, is composed of Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz (Stendek) and Jacek Prościński (wh0wh0). Maciej, an active and experienced producer, was honored with the Fryderyk Award in the Electronica category for his work on Reni Jusis’ album. Jacek is a drummer who has collaborated on projects such as LLovage with Ole Walicki and Hinode Tapes. However,  Jacek is most of all focused on his  solo project, wh0wh0, where he develops his distinctive drumming style. So far, LASY has released two albums namely “Little Giant” and the Fryderyk-nominated album “Shroom”.

The blend of danceable electronica and upbeat percussion, inspired by the 90s’ vibrant sound, allows LASY to create an incredibly dynamic, human and organic sound. LASY’s greatest strength lies in their energetic concerts, combined with improvised encores and DJ sets ranging from 140 to 999 bpm, which often extend beyond the duration of the concert itself.


When: 16 June  2023, 20.30
Where: Grodzka 5a – Bałagan Pub
Admission free





16 June 2023




Bałagan pub
Grodzka 5a, Lublin
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