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widok z góry na mężczyznę przy stole zastawiony sprzętem elektroniczym. kolorowe diody, komputer, dużo kabli

MIR & videocast: electronic music

Only music can save us in these strange times. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us on Friday evening for two premieres: 
19.00 – the seventh episode of the Videodictionary of Polish Music. Hubert Grupa will tell you all about electronic music. 
19.30 – The full recording of MIR’s concert in Different Sounds Zone online!


Premieres: videocast The  Videodictionary of Polish music + MIR’s concert 
When: Friday, 23 April 2021, 19.00 
Where:  or our Youtube channel


The Videodictionary of Polish Music is a series of videocasts introducing various music genres and styles associated with the Polish alternative scene. It accompanies our online concert series, weaving a rich tale about Polish music, the featured genres and trends, and forming a Polish music video dictionary. Music experts, journalists and event producers will be our guides.


MIR – a duo of famous Warsaw musicians for years associated with the label Lado ABC and bands such as Mitch & Mitch, Baaba, Kwadrofonik, Slalom or Shy Albatross. Bartosz Weber and Miłosz Pękala make an original fusion of electronic and contemporary music with a touch of dance tunes, using live percussion instruments. 


23 April 2021


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