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Wieniec z gałęzi iglastych, z elementami papierowymi i słomianymi zawieszony w bramie Krakowskiej.

Podłaźniczka – an installation in Krakowska Gate

About the installation

A new art installation is coming to Krakowska Gate in mid-December. “Podłaźniczka” refers to decorations once hung inside homes during Christmas. Originally, podłaźniczka was hung over the Christmas table. These decorations were made from the tops of conifer trees (pine or spruce) and were typically shaped into wreaths with fir twigs, straw discs, or circles fashioned from wire or tree bark. Other decorations were also added, including straw stars, cookies, paper ornaments, apples, and nuts. The centrepiece consisted of intricately cut and joined Christmas wafer decorations called “świat” or “world”.

The installation at Krakowska Gate, created by Małgorzata Krajewska, Tomasz Krajewski and Larysa Neschadym, will be reminiscent of these traditional ornaments. It will take the form of a wreath consisting of green twigs, apples, the centrepiece, and straw decorations made by folk artists. The straw decorations will include stars made by children participating in December workshops at Workshops of Culture.

For the past few years, Re:tradition – The Jagiellonian Fair festival has become known for its art installations referencing traditional pająk ornaments that used to be hung inside homes to ensure good fortune. The Old Town is the home of this festival. So, in keeping with old traditions, the organisers wish to decorate the place so dear to them, bringing joy and happiness to its guests and wishing them good health and fortune in the new year.


When: 14 December 2022 – 8 January 2023
Where: Krakowska Gate in Lublin
Admission free 

This event has been organised with the support of UNHCR. The content and opinions expressed during the event are the responsibility of the event organisers and do not reflect the beliefs of UNHCR.

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13 December 2022 - 08 January 2023


All Day


Krakowska Gate
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