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The picture shows a laptop placed inside Roman Krawczenko's photography studio. In the foreground, we see the photographer, who is using an Afghan-box camera to capture figures visible on the computer screen.

Portraits of Isolation. Unique Photographs

COVID-19 means staying at home, often far away from friends and family. That’s why we are offering an unusual, virtual photo session combining the latest communication technologies with noble photographic techniques. Photographer Roman Krawczenko will use the contact print technique to create portraits remotely… via Messenger!

Although the images will be created while keeping a non-standard distance between the photographer and the photographed, the portraits will still be the result of human creativity and skill, only aided by technologies that ensure remote communication. However, the relationship between people, which is a key aspect of life despite the current unusual circumstances, will continue to be at the heart of this extraordinary photography. The virtual session will result in a real portrait which will be sent to the photographed at the address of their choice.

This is the second edition of the event, you can see the gallery of the previous one here: Gallery


When: 19 and 20 June 2020, 11.00-14.00
Where, or rather how: at your homes and at Workshops of Culture in Lublin- each in their own place. Detailed information on how we will connect on messenger shall be given to people who will successfully register for the event.
Registration: Register via the online form. The event is for adults only. The number of places is limited. The final decision is determined by the order in which payments are received.
Fee: 10 pln is the fee for taking part in event, including receiving the portrait to your selected postal address. The fees should be paid after receiving e-mail confirmation, by 16 June 2020 to the bank account of Workshops of Culture (Bank Pekao SA 33 1240 1503 1111 0010 5299 8541); the name of the transfer should state: payment for the event Portraits of isolation and include the full name of the participant.


How to get ready for the session?

Light and background are vital for a remote photo session. That’s why you need to find a good source of natural light. If you want to have your portrait inside, find an interesting spot with good light and remember that its source needs to be in front of you. We are creating a portrait, so don’t put the entire figure in the frame. It means that you need to ensure adequate distance between yourself and a stably fixed device (phone, computer), placed at eye level, equipped with a webcam, Messenger and Internet access. You are inviting us to your home, so it will be a very unique photo session and a unique documentation of social isolation.

What happens next?

We will send the portrait to the address of your choice, and the electronic copy of the photo will be published in a special gallery on the website of Workshops of Culture and its Facebook page. In the form, we are also asking you to write a few words on how you’re spending time during the pandemic and whether your life has changed in this period. You can also describe what the photo will show. We will add the description to the photos and they will be available for viewing for everyone interested in the project.


19 June 2020


11:00 - 14:00

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