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Kadr z filmu. Mężczyzna stoi tyłem z rękami uniesionymi do góry.  Przed nim jest ulica.

Rocky | Miasto Movie

About the film

One of Sylvester Stallone’s most iconic roles that has forever marked him in the history of global cinema. Awarded with 3 Oscars, the film, a masterpiece in the eyes of critics and viewers alike, is today considered one of the finest sports dramas of all time and a landmark production of the illustrious 1970s cinematic era. Stallone not only created the iconic character of the amateur boxer on screen, but also wrote the script and conceived the whole story. The story revolves around Rocky Balboa, a boy from a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia who gets a chance from fate to fight for the title of heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He’s up against the current champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), so very few people bet on Rocky. However, Rocky won’t back down without a fight.


When: 21 December 2022, 19.00
Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a – 2nd floor, auditorium

Admission free

Original audio, Polish subtitles

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21 December 2022




Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a - auditorium 2nd floor
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