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Mężczyzna strzela z pistoletu snajperskiego. Na środku logo Miasta Movie.

Sicario | Miasto Movie

Emily Blunt in an excellent, gripping drama directed by Denis Villeneuve. The actress portrays a young and ambitions FBI agent enlisted to take down a Mexican drug lord.  From the start, the task. From the very beginning, the task poses more questions than answers. The Mexican-U.S. borderland controlled by the cartels will turn out to be a deadly place of action, and her guides through this dark, brutal world will be CIA agent Graver (Josh Brolin) and mysterious “consultant” Alejandro (the excellent Benicio del Toro). “Sicario” is a dense, tense and anxious cinema of the highest quality and definitely one of the best action thrillers of recent years. The genre, which has been dominated by men over the years, gains a new and interesting female character in Emily Blunt, while Villeneuve’s bravado makes the film one of the classics of the genre.

Booking required:


When: 12 August, Wednesday,  20.30
Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 7 patio
Free admission, the number of places is limited – registration required.


12 August 2020




Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 7 patio
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