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Stella | The Magic Lantern

In December join us on Facebook every Wednesday at 19.00 to discover a short Christmas film for the whole family.

STELLA, dir. Izzy Burton
No one should spend Christmas alone. Stella already knows that this year neither her children nor grandchildren can visit her. Fortunately, she will have unexpected visitors…We should also make sure no one spends Christmas completely alone. Let’s call our grandparents on a regular basis, give gingerbread cookies to a lonely neighbour or support those organisations that help the lonely. Special thanks go to the film’s creators, that is the British programme Re-engage, Izzy Burton and Passion Animation Studios for this wise and valuable film that puts us in a festive mood. 
When:16.12.2020, 19.00 

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30 November 2023


19:00 - 19:15

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FB event
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