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Grafika z identyfikacją Strefy Innych Brzmień. Ciemne tło, na nim elementy w kształcie elipsy, okrągłe, różowe sfery i zdjęcie zespołu Świetliki

Świetliki – live stream online | Different Sounds Zone

If not for the pandemic, we would meet you at concerts in Błonia during East of Culture – Different Sounds between 25-28 June. COVID-19 has turned the entire world upside down, forcing us to move the festival to 3-6 September. We strongly believe that we will see you there. For the time being, as we do not want to leave you without music and the festival for the whole summer, we are launching Different Sounds Zone online. We want to invite you to special concerts streamed live straight from the auditorium inside Workshops of Culture in Lublin at Grodzka 5a. We promise you the concerts will rock.

Different Sounds Zone: Świetliki
When: 27 June 2020, 19.00
Live streaming at from the auditorium inside Workshops of Culture in Lublin. We also invite you to watch concerts together in cafes and restaurants in the Old Town. The transmissions will be available in Café Próba at Grodzka 5a, Trybunalska City Pub at Rynek 4 and Hades Szeroka at Grodzka 21.

On Saturday 27 June, we will meet an iconic band. Świetliki is more than just a band, and it’s an unprecedented phenomenon in the Polish music scene. They artfully combine the poetry of Marcin Świetlicki and alternative, post-rock sounds, thus composing a hybrid defined as lyrics and music-based psycho rock. So far, the band has released 7 LPs, of which the latest entitled “Wake me up before you F**** Me was released in April 2020, and because of Covid-19, it has not yet had its promo tour. Even though the album was released during the period of social isolation, a period conducive to reflections on the world’s fate, the perspective of the end and the spectre of inevitability, it is not so much a pandemic album we read on the label’s website. “The lyrics are sad, and the horror of existence emerges from them. The music is melancholy. It’s not because of the pandemic, but for deeper reasons. But there is an element of hope, and it’s nicely intertwined with sadness”.Świetliki will perform in the line-up: Grzegorz Dyduch, Zuzanna Iwańska, Marek Piotrowicz, Tomasz Radziszewski, Marcin Świetlicki, Michał Wandzilak.

Different Sounds Zone is a year-round series of concerts, inextricably linked with the festival East of Culture – Different Sounds. The Zone presents original performers, the most interesting independent labels, and various music genres with their arresting combinations. It will be no different on 26 and 27 June when thanks to our guests, Pokusa and Świetliki, we will delve into improvised music and poetic psycho rock. This time, we will stream the concerts right into your homes via the Internet, but we promise you they will not follow the simple format we have grown accustomed to during the pandemic.

Online Different Sounds Zone will be accompanied by a completely new initiative – a series of videocasts introducing various music genres and styles associated with the Polish alternative scene. They will accompany the concert series, weaving a rich tale about Polish music, the featured genres and trends, and forming a video dictionary of Polish music. Music experts, journalists and event producers will be our guides

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21 September 2023


19:00 - 20:30
Streaming at
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