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Kobieta uderzająca w bęben.

The Jagiellonian Fair – re:tradition

Between 20-22 August 2021, Lublin’s Old Town will fill up with traditional music and crafts for the 15th time. Artists from Poland will present their arts and encourage us to delve deeper during concerts, workshops, discussions, or exhibitions. We are announcing the upcoming edition of The Jagiellonian Fair, a three-day celebration of folk and traditional culture.

‘Our programming and logistical decisions depend on restrictions and the general situation in the country. Given our experience with organising the festival last year, we want to prepare the event in the most considerate and responsible manner possible. We want all visitors of The Jagiellonian Fair to feel comfortable. We will keep you updated via Facebook and our website’, explains Karolina Waszczuk, the director of The Jagiellonian Fair from Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

Theme – traditional instruments
This year’s edition will focus on traditional instruments. They accompanied many family events, rituals and village celebrations. Musicians used them to perform at weddings and funerals, parties and community events. However, their story doesn’t end here.

‘That’s why this year we want to familiarise our visitors with these topics, including making instruments. Instrument-making is an extraordinary, time-honoured craft that requires comprehensive knowledge and years of experience. The selection of appropriate materials, preparation, and making itself are parts of a very long process that requires focus and steady pace; it cannot be rushed. Some instruments are simple and raw, while others are richly decorated. Some are made from carefully selected pieces of wood, stumps, planks or branches, others from leather or clay. This year’s edition of the Fair will make it possible to get acquainted with folk instruments from Poland and other parts of the world, all made by artisans working in Poland’, comment the Organisers.

At the Crafts Fair, you will be able to buy instruments made by masters who will also share their knowledge and skills during workshops focused on making or playing various instruments. Exhibitions, panel discussions and stage plays focused or inspired by the topic will also introduce selected regional traditions.

‘This year, we also want to focus on the theme of women in traditional culture: their roles, related cultural stereotypes, but also everyday duties and joys they experienced in their daily village lives. We will check what impressions are preserved in the lyrics of traditional songs. We will also feature women musicians and artists’, adds Agata Turczyn, the festival’s Programming Assistant. These themes will crop up in concerts, such as re:tradition, which will once again bring together well-known popular performers and masters of authentic traditional music.

The youngest festival attendees can also look forward to many attractions. The Jagiellonian Fair Playground will expand to offer more fun activities, while extraordinary workshops will provide many enjoyable hours. The festival’s small stage will fill up with the sounds of many exciting instruments. Expect lots of great things!

Save the date to soak up good vibes during the August festival in Lublin!

The Jagiellonian Fair – re:tradition
20-22 August 2021
Lublin, Old Town
Free admission



20 - 22 August 2021


All Day
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