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Dwaj mężczyźni na scenie. Jeden z nich trzyma kolorową kolę, z której wysypuje się confetti.

Premiere: “The Trick” | Grand Prix of the Polish Incident

About the Event

In their debut performance, the illusionist duo reveal the secrets of illusionists and show how often we are manipulated in everyday life. “The Trick” is an unprecedented form of performance, combining illusions, stand-up, dance, movement, circus arts, and live music. The artists show how illusionists have used illusions for centuries. To what extent is the trick created by the illusionists and to what extent does it happen in the minds of the audience? Exposing tricks can be useful in many different situations, not just when you are watching an illusionist’s show. By understanding how they work, we may be able to protect ourselves from the manipulative traps that await us every day. How can we avoid falling into these traps? Watch “The Trick” to find the answer.

Direction and performance: Wojciech Rotowski & Roman Słomka

The show received the grand prize in the Polish Incident competition for the most creative circus show presented under the auspices of the Carnaval Sztukmistrzow festival.


Preview: “The Trick” | Grand-Prix of the Polish Incident (50’)
When: Dec 1 , 2022, 19.00
Where: “U Szewca”,Grodzka Street 18 – concert hall
Free admission

Premiere: “The Trick” | Grand-Prix of the Polish Incident (50’)
When: Dec 2 , 2022, 19.00
Where: “U Szewca”, Grodzka Street 18 – concert hall
Free admission


02 December 2022




"U Szewca" pub - concert hall
Grodzka 18, Lublin
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