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Public debate: “Ukraine and the EU: (re)building the partnership”

The magazine Kultura Enter, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, and Relais Culture Europe in Paris invite you to participate in the joint event Ukraine and the EU: (re)building the partnership.

9 December 2022, 11.00 | Workshops of Culture in Lublin, 5a Grodzka Street – auditorium, 2nd floor

The forum is a networking event with Ukrainian artists and activists and representatives of NGOs and the cultural sector from Ukraine, France and Lublin. During the meeting, we will try to identify cultural needs in a society affected by war. Moreover, we will discuss the possibilities of effective international cooperation under difficult conditions and in an uncertain future. The meeting inaugurates a series of public discussions on the role of culture and international cooperation in Europe at war. As part of our ongoing efforts, we invite activists, volunteers, cultural workers, and intellectuals to collaborate and plan further supportive meetings.

When: 9 December 2022, 11.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a – auditorium, 2nd floor
Admission free. No registration required.  


11.00-11.45 | Practical part – an overview of the latest developments in the EU programme “Creative Europe” and activities of Relais Culture Europe in Paris, and a meeting with representatives of the Creative Europe Paris, Warsaw and Belgrade offices.
Speakers: Pascal Brunet, Laurence Barone, Dimitrije Tadic, Iwona Łopacińska

12.00-14.00 | The beginning of the social diagnosis: “What are the cultural needs?” – discussion with Ukrainian activists from the Lviv region.
Speakers: Yuliya Khomchyn, Lida Savchenko-Duda, Ulyana Prokopovych, Natalia Filevich, Olena Jurkevych, Marianna Maximova, Dr Bohdan Lazorak, Khrystyna Drahun, Iryna Markiv, Dr Vera Romanyszyn
Moderated by Aleksandra Zińczuk

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Guests and experts:

Warsaw: Iwona Łopacińska – head of the Creative Europe Desk in Poland, an expert in the creative sector with an academic background in film, media and cultural marketing. Working for a variety of non-governmental, public and private organisations, she has been responsible for managing international projects in the areas of education, culture, partnership development, cultural diplomacy, film festivals, as well as capacity building and entrepreneurial endeavours. In recent years, she has worked with a number of institutions in Poland and across Europe: POLIN Museum, British Council, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Ujazdowski Centre for Contemporary Art, Pomeranian Film Foundation, EACEA, on projects such as Poland Market Focus (literature), Poland Design & Let’s Exhibit (design), Polish Year in Turkey (multidisciplinary) or Creative Europe (media).

Belgrade: Dimitrije Tadic – head of the Creative Europe office in Serbia, adviser to the Ministry of Culture and Media, philosopher.

Paris: Laurence Barone – deputy director and head of the Creative Europe office in France, graduate of Sciences Po Paris and the Catholic University of Louvain (European studies), staff member at Relais Culture Europe since 2004, interacts with many French and European stakeholders (public authorities, professionals, networks, etc.). She regularly leads missions in Europe (Balkans, Eastern Europe, etc.) and beyond (Mediterranean, Australia, Asia). She also coordinates the European cultural and social innovation programme i-team, and is particularly concerned with issues of democracy, the rule of law and identity.

Paris: Pascal Brunet – director of Relais Culture Europe, cultural manager. He has served in a number of managerial roles in the field of performing arts, including as executive director of the ‘Centre chorégraphique de Rennes et de Bretagne’, co-director of Isadora – a choreography development project, and secretary general of the ‘Groupe de musique expérimentale de Bourges’. He has been involved in European and international cultural cooperation for several years, and is a founding member of the DBM ( Danse Bassin Méditerranée / Mediterranean Basin Dance) – the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Network as well as a member of several European networks and forums.

Paris: Vincent Guimas – director of Ars Longa. His areas of expertise include spatial design/cities/research/meeting places; involved in various EU research projects.

Paris: Gilbert Fillinger – his research interests include the visual arts, landscape architecture, and gardens (Arts and Gardens).

Paris: Stéphanie Masson – advisor and activist in the field of art schools and publishing.

In addition, we will be joined by managers from the Paris-based NGO Relais Culture Europe, managers from the Lviv City Institute, officials from the Drohobych and Lublin Culture Departments, activists from the youth NGO Prostir from Drohobych and researchers from the Ivan Franko Culture Park Museum Complex (Nahuyevychi), artists from Kyiv (Inga Levi) and Lviv (Volodymyr Topiy, Mariya Hoin).

The following is a list of issues to be discussed

  • How can future cooperation be tailored to meet the needs of Ukraine, Poland, and the EU countries?
  • What cultural needs have emerged in our communities since the invasion of Ukraine?
  • What are the possible approaches to artistic and professional training (artists, curators, technicians, etc.)?
  • Methods of supporting archival preservation and documentation (photographs, writings, etc.)
  • How should the critical debate be framed and how should it be disseminated?
  • Issues of urban reconstruction / redevelopment

Want to collaborate on this event?

If you are interested in collaborating and supporting this process, please contact the editors and/or share the invitation with other artists and organisations. We are planning our next meeting for January 2023.


09 December 2022




Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a - auditorium 2nd floor
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