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Ludzie przyglądają się instalacji artystycznej "wykorzeniona historia".

Uprooted memories – installation | Charlotte Perrin & Andrés Galaz

 About the event

Two artists—Andres Galaz, a sculptor and furniture maker, and Charlotte Perrin a visual artist—worked together to produce it. The pair combined their disciplines, experiences and methods to come up with a distinctive approach to the project.

The installation consists of two parts. The first is inspired by Lublin’s Old Town and its architecture. The artists were profoundly affected by the marks history left on Lublin’s architecture, especially the buildings that were abandoned when Jews fled the city during World War II and remain vacant. They are windowless buildings where some artists put pictures of still missing families to create trompe-l’oeil. This palpable emptiness motivated the artists to capture the effect of a time long lost. The result is an installation that is habitable but inaccessible, raised above ground but also half buried. They painted people and their stories but prevented access to them and made them difficult to see at a glance. Looking at this closed and empty structure that, depending on your perspective, sinks into the ground or rises out of it, is like staring outside at the city while looking in.

As Charlotte Perrin & Andrés Galaz describe their installation, “Uprooted memories: waiting stories” is an artistic installation inspired by Lublin’s Old Town and its architecture, aimed to trigger a recollection of raw memories of a history lost in time, where stories of light and darkness merge. The image of a semi-buried building hints of the empty places of Lublin’s Old Town left suspended, waiting in time. A visual invitation to the impossible.

The second part of the installation consists of a series of Charlotte Perrin’s illustrations depicting the residents of Lublin, entitled “The story of those who pass by”. The artist thus describes her work: “The story of those who pass by” is a story of an encounter, a story of want, a gesture against escape, a few lines with coloured pencils to hold on to and revisit, a stretched-out hand, a memory in drawing. It is a collection of missed encounters, but also of people who crossed my road and my gaze in the streets of Lublin. A silent and immobile collection of pictures with white backgrounds, where space is to be reinvented and everything becomes possible. A sensitive mapping of the human landscape.

The installation is the result of a research project that originated in 2018 in Valencia (Spain) before transferring to Lublin. It was created for Night of Culture 2019 and was presented during the festival.

The presentation of the installation “ “Uprooted memories: waiting stories” is part of the conference “Culture-City-Change” organised as part of the “Trans-making” project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement N°734855.


When: 23-30 September 2022 (Monday – Friday, 9.00-17.00)
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7, 2nd floor – exhibition room (204)
Admission free

About the artists

Andrés Galaz (Santiago) is an experienced Chilean wood sculptor, designer and carpenter. In 2015, he founded El Taller TRES, a workshop and meeting point for three-dimensional arts that offers space for the development of projects related to woodworking. It’s a place to share knowledge and experiences, encourage creativity, open new possibilities and work with others.

Charlotte Perrin (FRA)
A designer and visual artist. Besides ceramics, textiles, and drawing, she writes and creates art installations. She doesn’t only focus on her own work but encourages others to explore questions such as “Where do we fit in the world, how do we talk about it and how can we weave it all together?” Her explorations are guided by the fear of forgetting and the feeling of being uprooted. The artist is fascinated by autobiographical narratives and questions of memory.  With her mind and eyes wide open, she surveys the landscapes of Europe and beyond and plays with words in different languages. The stories she tells are both local and universal. Since 2012, she has lived between Europe and Chile where she co-founded El Taller TRES.


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28 September 2022




Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 7 - exhibition room, 2nd floor
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