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Na zdjęciu kadr z filmu. dwie kobiety siedzą obok siebie w autobusie lub innym środku transportu. Patrzą w okno. Na środku napis "Miasto Movie"

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Miasto Movie’s coming back! Spring in Miasto movie was supposed to belong to women. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic that brutally thwarted everyone’s plans, including those of cinemagoers, we were forced to pause our screenings. Today, when we slowly enter summertime, we want to return with titles planned for March and April and present The City of Women movies at outdoor screenings in our atmospheric patio at Grodzka 7.

Please note, registration is required:

A story of several women who at first glance differ in everything – social status, skin colour, age, education level. What they have in common is the occupation of their husbands and partners. These men are professional criminals and through their actions they will involve our heroines in a dangerous, criminal intrigue. Steve McQueen’s latest work is a perverse and intelligent reversal of the gangster or heist movie genre. Women are in the foreground, they’re the principal driving force and the action of the film is focused around them. The creator of the memorable “Hunger” once again proves that he is one of the most interesting and most searching directors of contemporary cinema. His heroines are strong, clever, but also much more empathetic than men, and when they act together, nothing can stop them.



When: 24 June, Wednesday,  20.30
Where:  Workshops of Culture , Grodzka 7 patio
Free admission, the number of places is limited – registration required


24 June 2020



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Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 7 patio
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