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Women in Artur Pastor’s Photography | exhibition in the Hartwig Alley

Artur Pastor was born in 1922 in Alter-do-Chão and died in 1999 in Lisbon. His first contact with photography came when he made photo documentation for his diploma at the Agricultural School in Évora. This event marked the birth of his passion for photography.

In 1953, Pastor began working in the Central Agricultural Inspectorate in Lisbon, where he set up a Photographic Archive. Over the years, he managed a collection of over 10,000 photographs making up the Inspectorate’s Photographic Library. At the same time, he worked with other organisations connected with agriculture and fishing as an author of many publications, including “A Fotografia e Agricultura”.


In the course of his professional activity, Artur Pastor documented various objects and facilities of the Inspectorate. He also photographed official visits and working meetings. This documentation forms part of his diverse collection of photography, in which he focused on portraying the everyday lives of the Portuguese, their customs and costumes, the heritage of Portuguese cities and villages. Artur Pastor took part in many exhibitions and contests and attended national and international photography salons.


In 2021, the Lisbon City Hall purchased Artur Pastor’s estate from his family, including approximately 210,000 of his diverse photographic works. Pastor’s extensive photographic oeuvre (spanning from the 1940s until his death) has been digitised and prepared for display to a broader audience, both in online databases and at several exhibitions. Currently, Artur Pastor’s photography is part of the Lisbon Municipal Archive (Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa).

When: August 2021, outdoor exhibition available at all times. The exhibition is part of The Jagiellonian Fair 2021 (20-22 August)
Where: The Hartwig Alley
Free admission

The exhibition will be accompanied by the screening of the film “The Landscapes of Artur Pastor”
When: 22 August, 18.30
Where: auditorium, Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a

Lisbon City Hall – Lisbon Municipal Archive

Head of Division: Helena Neves

Photographic Archive coordination: Isabel Corda

Video Archive Coordination: Fernando Carrilho

Partnerships management: Luís Pica

Exhibitions coordination: Sofia Castro

Archival description: Maria José Silva and Vítor Gens

Digitization and quality control: Cláudia Damas

Reading Room: Estela Casanovas



01 - 31 August 2021


All Day


Kowalska 3 / The Hartwig Alley
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