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Blue inscription: "Yellow & Blue"  on a yellow background.

Yellow & Blue | Exhibition of works by Ukrainian Illustrators at Grodzka 7

Yellow and Blue,  the exhibition of posters by the best Ukrainian illustrators will open on April 1 in the corridor on the ground floor of Workshops of Culture in Culture at Grodzka 7. In a gesture of solidarity with our Eastern neighbors, we will have the chance to see the work of Pictoric Illustrators’ Club. Yellow & Blue will take viewers on a journey to beautiful Ukraine, a fascinating and bright country. Don’t miss it!


The project “Yellow and Blue” began in 2016. Through the visual language of posters, the artists show traditions, locations and features that aren’t commonly found in guide books. Residential areas, crowded beaches, public transport, traditional music instruments, the Carpathians, local fast foods and feasts, traditional festivals and architecture. The project tries to present a different perspective on historical events, social and cultural phenomena that are well-known to Ukrainians but frequently unfamiliar to foreigners. In this way, the project paints a picture of modern Ukraine, which is currently being annihilated in all these aspects by the Russians. The posters bring a new depth in the wake of Russia’s invasion: they depict Ukraine that the artists see and desire to see. They portray Ukraine as it usually is. Still, they will restore all that is being destroyed with faith and trust in the country and the people, all that we can see today thanks to the posters and their unique perspective.

Pictoric Illustrators’ Club is a community of Ukrainian illustrators, artists and graphic designers, each with a unique style in line with the latest trends in visual arts. The club creates international projects involving talented artists from various countries to promote high-quality, contemporary illustration in Ukraine and abroad. The artists’ works have been featured at the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival in Lublin several times. We will now be able to see even more posters than before.

The posters which we will be able to see in April include images of Modern Kyiv, Residential Areas, Ukrainian spirits, The Longest Trolleybus Route, Crafts, Borsch, Soviet modernism, Contemporary Ukrainian Music, The bandura or Beekeeping.

The exhibition of Ukrainian illustrators is a bow to Ukrainian culture and Ukrainians, with whom we stand united in these trying times. Ukrainian artists are currently fighting not only through their symbolic works, but also military combat

The exhibition has been organised in cooperation with “Maik” Advertising Agency.

Practical Information

When: from 1 April 2022, Monday-Friday, 10.00-17.00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7, corridor
Free admission.



20 May 2022


10:00 - 17:00


Workshops of Culture in Lublin
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