ZPT – Zabawy Praktyczne i Twórcze

“PCP – Practical and Creative Play” is a multidisciplinary series of socio-animation activities designed to foster creativity and actively engage participants from different age groups. It’s an integrative program tailored for individuals with unique sensory requirements and challenges, encompassing children, teenagers, and adults on the autism spectrum, along with their families, and also catering to neurotypical individuals.

The aim of Practical and Creative Play is to foster integration between neurodiverse and neurotypical communities. This project focuses more on animation than education, encouraging children, adolescents, and adults on the spectrum to be culturally active. It provides a platform for them to explore the concept of “freedom in the spectrum”, facilitating the creation of a shared space where neuronormative and neurodiverse individuals can engage in dialogue and integrate.

Participants will encounter a variety of artistic forms, techniques, materials, and tools, and will learn how to experiment, process, and craft their own artistic works. The activities in this project aim to unlock their creative potential, while also accommodating their unique interests, stimulation needs, and sensory sensitivities.

The “PCG – Practical and Creative Games” project consists of a series of workshops that focus on the joy of creativity. These workshops also include a demonstration component, where artistic installations created during the workshops will be showcased in public spaces.

The project will consist of three distinct workshop cycles:

  • IGRASZKI / PLAYFUL CREATIONS – workshops focused on the independent creation of analogue toys.
  • ŚWIAT W MINIATURZE / MINIATURE UNIVERSE – a series of 3 workshops dedicated to understanding and encapsulating our surrounding reality in compact, contained segments.
  • ŚWIAT W PRZESTWORZACH / WORLD IN THE AIR– a series of three workshops centered on aerial installations.

Workshop attendees will be encouraged to contribute to the construction of an installation, using a theme selected from prior workshops as their inspiration.

WHERE: Workshops of Culture in Lublin

WHEN: throughout the year

ADMISSION: free, but registration is required





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