BeeHome: Homes for solitary bees and other pollinators

The protection and conservation of pollinators is a global challenge of contemporary times. It’s estimated that without bees and other insects life on Earth may only last a few years. That’s why it’s essential to take care of our insect friends. With our support, everyone can help bees by designing and setting up a home for them.

Our lives – and Earth in general – would have been vastly different without bees. In reality, one third of the produce we consume depends on these busy, buzzing insects and other pollinators. But now, because of human impact, they are in danger of going extinct. We can fight this by building bee homes!

Bee Home –  is a home designed for solitary bees which, as the name suggests, live alone. Solitary bees are phenomenal pollinators. A single solitary bee can provide as much pollination as 120 honeybees. Equally interesting is the fact that solitary bees do not live in colonies or complex hives; they only need small holes to store pollen, lay eggs and keep protected from poor weather conditions and moisture.

Bee Home has been designed by SPACE10 – a research and design lab from Copehagen. The project is supported by IKEA.  SPACE10 has created Bee Home in collaboration with the design studio Bakken&Bæck from Oslo and the designer Tanita Klein. The bee homes designed by SPACE10 are open source.

The participants of the project used the digital platform  to design their homes, which Marcin Pendel  later produced in his makerspace. We provided the participants with guidance and knowledge on the proper placement and maintenance of the bee home.  After they receive finished homes, new owners are asked to regularly send us photos documenting the life of the bee home’s inhabitants.

WHERE: Lublin
WHEN: 2021
ADMISSION: Registration is over





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