Culture Incubator

An innovative, creative lab established to raise the level of qualifications of employees and volunteers in the cultural sector to manage and create socio-cultural projects. Medialab ideas are used for creating soft projects and innovative solutions for culture.

By delivering the most up-to-date data about the cultural sector and building a platform for sharing views and experiences, the Incubator gives active and creative people a chance to develop in culture. It also aims to encourage attendees to have more occupational mobility and intersectional activity,
and to stimulate the process of change in cultural institutions.
The meetings and workshops fuse the experiences of the participants and practitioners from the best centres of cultural management and project realization, creative entrepreneurs, specialists in specific areas related to everyday work in cultural institutions and organisations.

Culture Incubator consists of the following modules:

Culture Animation Incubator–an annual, several-months-long course for around 25 employees and volunteers of various entities working in the cultural sector. Regular weekend workshops offer a system of non-formal education resembling post-graduate studies.

Culture Courses–Culture Incubator Open Workshops are professional training sessions in the field of culture, addressed to individuals who are not taking part in the entire Culture Incubator. Each workshop is subject to the registration process.

Culture is elsewhereCulture Incubator Open Meetings – the meetings focus on the presentation of a broad range of cultural activities. The meetings inspire, leading Lublin communities to establish contacts with interesting partners from Poland and the world.

Music IN–is a special workshop series for the music industry, an incubator for artists, managers, promoters, music producers and animators of music life. These inspiring workshops give musicians and managers tools to build their careers in the music industry.

WHERE: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a/7

WHEN: in irregular intervals throughout the year; Culture Animation Incubator–weekends from February to May (2-3 meetings per month).

ADMISSION: depends on the topic and the form of the workshop; the participants are registered using an online form every time.

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