The year 2020 brought about many unexpected changes and challenges. The promotional campaign #FindTheArtisan is an attempt to respond to the situation in which the pandemic has left folk artists. It’s intended to encourage the public to get in touch with folk artists outside our annual festival, The Jagiellonian Fair.

Many folk artists sell their works mainly during events such as fairs and expos. The Covid-19 pandemic has limited face-to-face contact with the artisans and decreased opportunities to see their works. That’s why Workshops of Culture in Lublin and The Jagiellonian Fair have launched the campaign #FindTheArtisan. We want to make it easier to get in touch with folk artists, encourage ordering their wares to support them and to surround ourselves with beautiful folk arts and crafts!

We have taken several steps to make it easier to stay in touch with the artists. With their permission, we add their contact details on our website. We keep an up-to-date map locating artists who have taken part in The Jagiellonian Fair. We also publish posts promoting individual artisans and get our readers acquainted with the folk art categories they represent. We also offer workshops and materials for the artisans.

WHERE: The Jagiellonian Fair’s website and Facebook Page
WHEN: all year

The photo is a portrait of a female artisan. She's leagning against a tabletop where traditional products are displayed


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