NIMF, an Irish performer creating dreamy soundscapes, Bandit Bandit, a sensual French duet fusing heavy guitars and stoner rhythms, and Fagelle, a Swedish artist presenting a clash of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression are some of the musical projects representing this year’s Keychange talent development programme. We will meet these artists in Lublin between 7-10 July at the 15th edition of Different Sounds and its 9th iteration as part of East of Culture, a collaboration between the National Centre for Culture, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and the cities of Lublin, Bialystok, and Rzeszów.

Keychange is a pioneering international initiative for gender equality in the music industry. Every year, a group of women and gender minority artists and music industry professionals from 12 countries are selected to take part in a year-long development programme and later spearhead this global initiative in their countries and communities. This year, from over 590 applications, music industry experts  have selected a whooping 76 emerging artists to tale part in a year-long professional support programme. Different Sounds are Keychange’s partner, that’s why this year in Lublin we will hear three female artists and meet three female innovators in the educational module of the festival.

Keychange is a ground-breaking international initiative dedicated to achieving gender equality in the music business. Every year, a group of women and gender minority musicians and music industry professionals from 12 nations are chosen to participate in a year-long development programme and then lead this worldwide movement in their own countries and communities. This year, music industry specialists chose 76 new musicians from over 590 submissions to participate in a year-long professional development programme. Because Different Sounds is a Keychange partner, we will hear three female musicians and meet three female innovators in the festival’s educational section this year in Lublin.

NIMF – is an Irish sugar-pop performance artist.  Whimsically singing while playing the theremin, her performance aesthetic transports you to a dreamy land full of symbols. It’s a non-material territory conjured up from retrogressive samples and electroacoustic soundscapes. Electronic music goes hand in hand with a unique vocal, and the whole thing is at times reminiscent of a mysterious, oneiric soundtrack to a non-existent film.

Bandit Bandit –  a French rock band and an extraordinary duet consisting of Maëva Nicolas and Hugo Herleman. Their music combines stoner rhythms with a garage-rock energy, sensual vocals and psychedelic guitars. On the stage, we see both romantic feelings of two lovers and a harmonious duel of two strong personalities, all suffused with rock and tension. Their acknowledged heroes include Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Angels. From the way they move onstage to their stylish rock outfits, Bandit Bandit have learnt all the lessons from their idols by heart. A drummer and a bass player accompany the them on stage and together these four musicians make the audience forget everything else, hypnotised by the show.

Fågelle – a Swedish artist from the Nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is famous for her unique style mixing guitar, vocals and electronics in organic and expressive ways. Using effects, synthesisers and samplers, she delves into sounds, experimenting and tinkering until she finds what will come together with poetry to create a compelling song somewhere between sound art and pop. Her musical universes consists of nearly every known sound, from field recordings of urban motion to roaring guitars and haunting synths. The result is a wild collision of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression. In 2019, together with producer and collaborator Henryk Lipp (Blue for Two, Anna von Hausswolff, Union Carbide), Fågelle recorded and produced her critically acclaimed debut album Helvetesdagar (2019) which Swedish Gaffa called “a straight through uncompromising, filterless, honest, courageous and masterful album”.

East of Culture – Different Sounds 2022 will also feature the legendary British duo Godflesh, the jazz-punk supergroup Lean Left, the star of the British electronic music Squarepusher, Polish bands: Pablopavo i Ludziki, Niemoc and Nanga, while this year’s record label feature is the Washington-based Dischord Records and its bands Scream, Soulside, Girls Against Boys and Escape-ism.

Look forward to more announcements about concerts and non-musical events, including excellent films, exhibitions, panel discussions and book launches, activities for children, and workshop and panels for music industry professionals.

As usual, this announcement is accompanied by comic strips introducing our artist. The comics are the work of Maciej Pałka, a visual artist, illustrator, and award-winning creator of graphic novels. The comics present this year’s stars in inventive and original ways. Additionally, limited edition posters will soon be available in our online store

East of Culture – Different Sounds 2022
When: 7-10 July 2022
Where: Lublin – Błonia near the Castle
Admission free

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Centre for Culture, The City of Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin and Kultura Dostępna
The Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk, has assumed honorary patronage.

The festival East of Culture – Different Sounds is part of the Keychange network and guarantees a 50:50 gender balance in the festival’s programme until 2022.

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