Little Different Sounds

Little Different Sounds is an original educational programme associated with Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival. It aims at getting children and teenagers acquainted with sounds and various music genres. It also aims at showing that music is a rich cognitive field offering a place for having great fun.

All workshops are practice-based and geared towards strengthening the creativity of the participants. The programme of the workshops focuses on developing active stances, creative thinking, and making it possible for children and teens to meet musicians. The essential element of the workshops is dialogue and openness to the real needs of the participants. The workshops allow the participants to discover their creative potential in an atmosphere of great fun.

The workshops are for everyone, and you need no music experience. Our participants have learned how to make instruments from carrots, play bottles filled with water, and composed and recorded a song integrated into a music video.

Little Different Sounds includes the music workshops, “Let’s play!”* carried out by Fundacja Kultura Enter. The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund and the City of Lublin.

WHERE: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Old Town in Lublin

WHEN: most workshops take place during the Different Sounds festival

ADMISSION: the workshops are free, registration is required (June).


Dziecko malujące na kartce


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