Miasto Movie

Miasto movie is an original series of film screenings focusing on the city. The screenings take place every Wednesday.


In the films of our choice, the city is both the background and the protagonist. It is a setting to the stories told and a quiet witness to personal tales. It is also a lively site  filled with the cinematic hustle and bustle. The city in our films is a site where human problems and dramas fuse with great expectations, dreams and triumphs.

In our series, the city speaks a multitude of languages. It communicates with us through sounds and images and story-telling, through the masterful cinematic languages of Terry Gilliam, Federico Fellini, Jim Jarmusch or Wong Kar Wai. In the screenings, we also see its many faces. It can be beautiful, terrifying, joyful, melancholy, but it’s always interesting and tells its own individual tale. On the screen, it can take the form of both huge and bustling metropolises and God-forsaken backlands. We visit cities with big stories and cities-symbols. The films presented within this series are arranged in themes that offer an original overview of topics of concern to contemporary cinematography. It can be a city in danger, a city of loneliness or exclusion, and a fantasy, magical or futuristic city. As a form of artistic expression, the film is the perfect vehicle for cinematic journeys around the world.

WHEN: every Wednesday,  19.00

WHERE: auditorium, Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a, 2nd floor





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