Flying fish, ping-pong chandeliers and  Dominikańska street bats are just a few of the attractions you will be able to admire starting from 4 June, which marks the beginning of the longest and mightiest night in the world – Night of Culture 2021! 

This year’s long-awaited Night of Culture takes place between 4 June and 21 July. This special edition will last several weeks and take the form of strolls in search of installations hidden around Lublin’s Old Town. The reasons are clear. Workshops of Culture want to ensure the safety of visitors by extending the display of installations beyond one night. While wandering around the streets and back alleys and going through gates in the Old Town, we will look for magic and beauty. The installations will change every week. We will show you objects that couldn’t appear last year and reveal brand-new pieces. We will soon present the complete programme at, This year’s theme is Might of Culture. Might is potent and powerful. The word can also mean forceful spiritual energy. Motivating and rallying others to combine their strength and work together. We’re stronger when we’re together. Might is in the people! We want to invite everyone to rediscover Lublin and continue to treat it tenderly. As it is your presence that inspires and drives our activities. Might of Culture be with you!


Starting from 4 June, you will be able to see: 


Night of Culture’s fish memories (04.06-21.07, Bramowa street)

We have been collecting mementoes from the past editions of the festival, and this year, we’re bringing some of them out. Any day is good for fishing….two fantastic fish will be hung above our heads. The energetic, colourful fish by Jarosław Koziara and the monochromatic one by Francois Monnet.

Planet Lublin (04.06-21.07, Łokietka Square)

An art installation inspired by the traditional globe of the earth in which one city becomes the whole world. How to extract a fragment from the world and turn it into a finite reality, how to transform a city into an entire world?

CityTender: maple and black Locust  (4.06-21.07, Wróblewskiego, Radziwiłłowska)

We have concluded that one of the most beautiful ways of giving the city affection is to plant new trees. We proudly present Norway maple and black locust.

Cats on the Roof (4.06-21.07, Zamkowy Square/rooftops)

Rooftops will be decorated with a dozen or so black and white flags depicting cats. The cats are made of fabric and are based on designs by Andrzej Kot, an outstanding visual artist, calligrapher and illustrator from Lublin.

Guernica (4.06-21.07, Lublin Castle courtyard)

Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” (1937) is one of the most famous paintings in the world. It’s a universal, timeless artistic protest against the cruelty of war. Students from the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (WSPA) bring the painting to life through acting and a stage design of their own creation.

The Fisherman from Fish Gate  (4.06-9.06, Brama Rybna)

Few people know that the walls of Rybna Gate feature a painting by Władysław Filipiak. It’s hardly noticeable by day, and what about at night? Check out Bartłomej Polak’s installation.

Dominikańska street bats (4.06-21.07, Dominikańska street)

“There are no mice in the air, I’m afraid, but you might catch a bat and that’s very like a mouse, you know” –  said Alice in Lewis Carroll’s book. Are mice like bats? We will find the answer in Dominikańska street when we look up.

Chandeliers! (04.06-16.06, gates: Grodzka 7, Grodzka 5, Grodzka 3)

An installation consisting of four thousand ping pong balls will be hung above the street. The balls will move gently in the wind, coming to life.

City Moments / Lublin – Vilnius (04.06-18.06, corridor on the ground floor of Workshops of Culture)

The exhibition pf photography by Jakub Orzechowski and Ignac Tokarczyk who accompanied the adventures of Night of Culture in Lublin and Vilnius in 2019. They capture many colourful moments – memories.

Object speak (4.06-21.07, Old Town)

There are many challenges during the pandemic. The time of isolation served as a pretext to look differently at objects of daily use. Every item has its story; it’s enough to listen to hear the story of a seemingly silent object. The exhibition “Object speak” consists of static illustrations that come to life with the help of Artivive app to show an animated film presenting the thoughts and reflections of people forced into distance learning during the most creative period in their lives. Watch out, however, as this is not an ordinary exhibition. Look out for static illustrations all over the Old Town. Start your journey at Dominikański Square and make sure to download Artivive.

They must reinvent their world…(04.06-16.06, Ku Farze street)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, adults preoccupied with work, saving relationships and extinguishing conflicts that erupt in confinement push away children’s issues. Children don’t have a voice; they have been locked in homes, deprived of exercise and contact with friends, have no opportunity to vent their frustrations, and are often prone to domestic violence. Photos show the author’s children aged 4,8, and 12. They were taken between March 2020 and 2021. Anna Hernik’s reportage, nominated in Grand Press Photo 2021 contest in the category “Everyday Life”.

These are just a few of the installations you will be able to see during the longest Night of Culture ever. Every week, new installations will take Lublin’s residents and visitors by surprise. The map of available attractions will be available at in the section FESTIVAL MAP. The map will mark attractions you can see, and it will be updated every week.

All events are outdoors, and admission is free. You do not need to register; simply go out on a stroll around the Old Town.


Night of Culture 

4 June – 21 July 2021

Old Town in Lublin

Organisers: Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie Miasto Lublin

The Mayor of Lublin, Krzystof Żuk has assumed Honorary Patronage.

Media patronage: TVP 2, TVP Kultura, TVP 3 Lublin, Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin, Radio Lublin

Up-to-date programme at: