Mężczyzna przedstawiony z profilu w niebieskiej bluzie na różowym tle.

We are delighted to introduce another star of this year’s East Culture — Different Sounds. Squarepusher, a major figure in the world of electronic music, will perform in Lublin on July 8. This British artist affiliated with the legendary label Warp Records will give his only concert in Poland.  Over the years, Squarepusher has experimented with a variety of music genres and styles, including drum’n’bass, techno, ambient, IDM, as well as acid jazz and industrial music. His concerts can dazzle and mesmerise the audience both in terms of music and visuals. We’re gathering in Lublin between 7 –  10 July for the 15th edition of East of Culture – Different Sounds, which is also its 9th iteration as part of East of Culture, a joint project of the National Centre for Culture, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the local governments of Lublin, Białystok and Rzeszów.

Squarepusher, whose real name is Tom Jenkison, is an undisputed star of the British electronic scene and an artist associated with the legendary label Warp Records. His work spans many genres, including drum’n’bass, IDM, jazz, and electro-acoustic music, all of which obtain a completely distinct sound in his hands owing to extremely complicated drum programming and live instrumental playing. As one of the most forward-looking and endlessly inventive electronic artists, Squarepusher approaches music with an open mind, as seen on all of his successive albums, such as the album “Music for Robots” from 2014, composed by him but performed by three robots. In 2013, Squarepusher worked with a team of Japanese roboticists on an ambitious project called Z-Machines,  the creation of robots that could play music far beyond the capabilities of even the most skilled human instrumentalists. Jenkinson aided the robotics team in the composition of music for these robots to play.  In 2018, he wrote a suite of music for the organ which became the album ‘All Night Chroma’ and was commissioned by BBC TV’s CBeebies channel to compose for their ‘ambient viewing for toddlers’ programme, ‘Daydreams’, narrated by Olivia Colman. In his latest work, he returns to his acid roots, and he’ll lead the audiences of Different Sounds on a drum’n’bass journey.

As usual, this announcement will be accompanied by comic strips introducing our artist. The comics are the work of Maciej Pałka, a visual artist, illustrator, and award-winning creator of graphic novels. The comics present this year’s stars in inventive and original ways. Additionally, limited edition posters will soon be available in our online store.

East of Culture – Different Sounds 2022 will also feature the legendary British duo Godflesh, the jazz-punk supergroup Lean Left and this year’s record label feature is the Washington-based Dischord Records and its bands
Scream, Soulside, Girls Against Boys and Escape-ism. Look forward to more announcements about concerts and non-musical events, including excellent films, exhibitions, panel discussions and book launches, activities for children, and workshops for music industry professionals.

East of Culture – Different Sounds 2022
When: 7-10 July 2022
Where: Lublin – Błonia near the Castle
Free admission

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, National Centre for Culture, The City of Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin and Kultura Dostępna

The Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk, has assumed honorary patronage.

The festival East of Culture – Different Sounds is part of the Keychange network and guarantees a 50:50 gender balance in the festival’s programme until 2022.

More information: www: differentsounds.eu and https://www.nck.pl/en/eng/activities/the-rise-of-eastern-culture